Mariah Carey Lollipop Splash Remix Free Sample

Due to the overwhelming success of the original Bling trio, they are now giving away a free sample of the new Mariah Carey Lollipop Splash Remix. This is another three pack containing:

Never Forget You (Fruity Floral)
Inseparable (Floriental Fruity)
Vision Of Love (Oriental Gourmand)

Each of the three vials that you get contains 0.04 fl oz (1.2ml) of perfume on colorful pink card.

To get this, just request their news update, then there will be a section for “try sample now”. Go through next the step including your address and they’ll send out this out in the mail to you.

I didn’t get a chance to try the Lollipop Bling to give a proper review but with this one, I did try it (actually all three). At first, Inseparable was my favorite. Just smelling it inside the vial was amazing but once it was on my skin it totally changed. But my favorite out of the three was he Never Forget You. I just love the gourmet jelly bean scent. Not something I’d wear because it’s more of a younger person’s scent but it would probably be something I would have worn once upon a time, lol.

Definitely give these a try before they’re gone. This free sample of Mariah Carey Lollipop Splash Remix is only available for a limited time. While quantities last. Limit of one (1) per household. Open to residents of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Australia, and New Zealand.

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1 Annabelle T.

Thank you! Got my sample a few days ago and can’t stop smelling the Inseparable (almost out already 🙁 ). Loved the Lollipop Bling but I think this one is even better.

2 Cheryl S.

Feels like it took forever to get here but I finally got it!! Really worth the wait all 3 of them smell amazing!
Cheryl S.

3 Kelly B.

My sample arrived the other day and WOW! I thought the Bling was sweet :O Remix puts in a whole other level. Not saying it’s a bad fragrance, just not for me. tHaNkS!

4 Robin T.

I’m still a Harajuku Lovers fan. This set was okay, if I had to pick one of the samples that I liked best, I would say it’s Never Forget You, but not by much. They all have a very generic artificial teeny smell. So glad I didn’t buy the full set when they were in the bargin bin at Walmart ;P

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