Gucci Guilty Black For Woman Perfume Free Sample

Hey Gucci girls, I got a great sample for you to try and as usual, send them your request to get this free sample of Gucci Guilty Black For Woman Perfume. It comes in a 2ml or 0.06 oz eau de toilette splash vial inside the usual opening cardboard protective cover.

First of all, I know edt samples often come in a splash vial, but I really find it difficult to effectively try out a sample when I have to splash it on my skin. Normally I’ll just put my finger on the opening then shake the bottle to get a little of the product on my finger and then just apply it to wherever I want. But when it’s on my finger I touch something else and get it all over that or I’ll touch my face and my nose and that would be all I can smell. I’m sure it’s just me though, most of you probably don’t have that problem, lol.

Anyways, on with the review.

I got my Gucci Guilty Black for Woman perfume fairly quickly and I really appreciated that. Sometimes I’ve had to wait almost a month. Almost as soon as I received it, I opened it up to get a smell, as I already had a preconceived idea of what it would smell like. Well, let me tell you, it was totally different than what I expected. It was not black or intense at all. But not in a bad way. It’s very much a wearable fragrance. It’s just light and it’s fruit and sweet in the top notes. Very similar to Gucci’s Intense version but the cherry and strawberry give it a sweetness that’s not too strong or overpowering. I did notice a slight musk scent that gets your attention and makes you want to smell again just to see if that really is the scent.

If you’ve read other reviews of Gucci Guilty Black than you probably already know that this doesn’t last very long actually that’s an understatement. It fades very quickly, probably the lowest staying power of any fragrance I’ve ever tried. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In some situations you only want to wear something that will last a short time as to not overwhelm those that are close to you (or even yourself).

Overall though, I felt that my free sample of Gucci Guilty Black For Woman Perfume was a little generic and doesn’t live up to the name it was give. But again, it’s not a bad fragrance just nothing spectacular. Canada, Australia, United States, New Zealand, England, France, Germany, and Italy.

Picture of my Gucci Guilty Black For Woman Perfume Free Sample

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