Moroccanoil Oil Treatment All Hair Types Free Sample

Right now, theyโ€™re giving out this Moroccanoil Oil Treatment All Hair Types free sample. It comes through the mail in a .34 oz (or 10 ml) sample bottle . This little bottle will actually last you a while, since you really only need a few drops at a time when using it.

For those of you that have never used Moroccanoil before, itโ€™s basically a multipurpose hair treatment oil with so many benefits. This should be in every persons home. And like I said before, all you need is a small amount on your palm and just rub it in. Normally what I do is after I wash my hair, I’ll dry it with a towel and comb it. Then I put about two or maybe three drops into my hands and stroke my hair from the middle to the ends. And that’s it, just doing that and I’ve noticed my hair being much softer and much less frizzy.Oh, I almost forgot to mention, it smells really nice too.

No need to worry about it making your hair greasy and heavy (unless of course you use a large amount), my hair is thin and long and I haven’t had that happen to me. I’ve read a lot of reviews of other people who have used Moroccanoil, and noticed that some people have said that their hair gets really greasy or oily feeling and I’m pretty sure most of those people are just using too much. I think people have that mentality that if a little is really good, then a lot must be even better. And then there’s the problem with how you apply the product, I think also people are using it improperly. If you apply too close to the roots than it’ll accumulate and build up and look greasy, just take your time and go middle to the ends and you should be fine. I’m pretty sure many of you will find that it’s really better than any hair masks or conditioner you’ve ever tried.

Only 1 free sample of Moroccanoil Oil Treatment All Hair Types per household. And only available in the United States, Canada, Australia, England, France, and Germany.

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1 arpita

i got mine, but it took 5 weeks to get my sample
– i ended up buying some, couldn’t wait ๐Ÿ™ oh well

my sample!!!

2 mrs sara brown

took 6 weeks to get my free sample of morocN OIL wow that’s long time.

3 Jane Norman


4 Chris Neumann

Moroccan Oil is suppose to be really good for your hair. My sister in law uses it alllll the time and she’s got amazing hair.

5 Debbie Whitaker

this is THE BEST oil treatment for your hair. i luv it.

6 tanzim

does anyone know if morrocan oil works for helping hair growth? im starting to lose my hair an was hoping this works

7 erin flynn

my hair is dry, dry, dry

8 Jessie

This is the best hair treatment ive ever used.

9 angie west

my hair is dry, this actually worked. thank you so much.

10 angie

i swear nothing would help my dry hair, this has worked wonders. my hairdresser was actually the one to recommend this to me. i’m so glad she did.

11 George

this might sound dumb, but, can guys use this on their hair? Or would it smell too girly?

12 Erin Leahy

I live in Australia and can’t find this anywhere, do they send to here?

13 Tish

this probably will sound silly, but my baby has really dry hair and I was wondering could this be used on my baby’s hair? I’ve searched everywhere and I just don’t know if I should or not.

14 Natalie Marks

Finally! You don’t know how long I’ve looked for something to help me. I have really dry hair and litterally nothing was helping me. I’m so happy that I found this Moroccanoil Oil sample.

Thanks YOU!!
Natalie Marks

15 Dani S.

This is totally the best thing for my hair. I can’t believe I haven’t been using this before.

Thank you,
Dani S.

16 Kina P

Thanks. Got mine a couple weeks ago and love it. Do they give out more than one sample? Can I try again?

17 Vicky T.

Thank you
This is the only thing that has brought life back to my hair ๐Ÿ™‚
10 out of 10

Vicky ๐Ÿ™‚

18 Betty Smillards

this is the only treatment i’ve been using for the last 2 years. i just ran out and this came in handy.

Betty S.

19 Gloria

I love this product! I usually HATE putting oils in my hair, but I made an exception for this product.

20 wendy webster

Really great product – calms the frizz a treat!

21 Kyla S.

Well, after all the hype I decided to get this sample and I have to say that I’m not sure why everyone is raving about it. I did NOT notice any kind of difference whatsoever. I do like the smell, but that’s it. Perhaps it’s because of my hair type? I have thin, curly, long hair-maybe that’s why?

22 Viv Donaldson

Well, I’ve tried a lot of different products on the market, and I have to say that Moroccan Oil is by far one of the best hair treatments I’ve ever come across for damaged ends. It’s even stopped me from looking for something different because I think this is the best! Thanks so much!

23 Ronda Spikes

Thanks. Just using this sample alone, my hair is suuuuuuper soft and shiny. It’s perfect for that’s damaged. It eliminates the drying time and gives so much shine and softness. You can tell this is something you don’t use everyday as it will cause build up (’cause of the silicones?).

24 Janet Crimson

Surprisingly, this stuff works on fine/thin hair. When I used it for the first time, right away I noticed it added shine and maneageability. And best of all, all you really need is a small pea sized amount for it to be effective. I love Moroccanoil!

25 Shelly T.

Just wondering if this is something that would work for color treated hair? If anyone knows, can you please email me


26 Jennifer Vaiz

What an amazing product! I used my Moroccanoil Oil sample on my hair and skin and will be purchasing the larger full size next. Oh, and it smells wonderful too!


27 Annie Edwards

Many Thanks

28 Liliane Silva

This product is amainzing…my hair loved it!

29 andrena gillon

thank you

30 Fabiana Fernandes

Hello! I live in Brazil and here this product are so expensive to buy only for experience. Do they send me a sample to here? Thanks!

31 Szilvia Laczko

Hello I live in Hungary, I have heard a lot about this product, is it available to me?

32 marjorie francois

I hearing great stuff about this product

33 Karina

This is what i expected in a hair oil as i used to apply olive oil which is not pleasant smelling unlike like this product which i love

34 Meena Bhatia

Its realy fantastic, no side effects. Its realy cool n natural.

35 Taylor Hassics

Morrocan Oil is awesome!!

After using both shampooing and conditioning, I gently pat dry my hair, add just one small amount of the oil on my hand then comb with a wide tooth comb, and I’ll just either blow dry or air dry.

The lady who takes care of my hair recommended that I partly dry my hair first as it seems to help the oil sink absorb than getting rubbed into the towel.

The oil leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft and silky with no dreaded flyways because my hair has weight to it. I’m really impressed by how shiny it makes my hair.

I had to go without for a month on my recent vacation, I really missed it! My hair felt horrible, and I found myself constantly washing it over and over again just to try to make it feel soft. I was so glad to have it back when I got home!

Yes, it’s a little pricey, but you really only use a small amount and it really goes a long way. So in the long run it’s totally worth it.

36 Tracey Holmes

Swear by this product

37 Magdalena Obara

my hair are so dry…I use it alot different products, nothing help but I heard about that oil that is fanstastic. Thank you

38 Brittany

This stuff is amazing thank you

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