Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Free Sample

This is another makeup free sample of Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals. In the mail you’ll get this 10-day supply of  Brand New Escentuals, Bare Minerals Matte  in Golden Dark Original SPF 15 foundation. It is packaged in plastic and comes with a mini Buki Brush and informative pamphlet. Bare Minerals is a revolutionary foundation that is created purely with natural ingredients, will not irritate your skin, and is easy enough on the skin to sleep in. This sample size is great for trying out a product without having to pay full price for a full size foundation. Great for keeping in your makeup pouch!

I’ve already been using Bare Escentuals Matte foundation for a while even before I got my sample and I simply love it. It’s great for everyday light use. The coverage is fairly light so it just gives that even out look to your skin. And as some of you already know, I have some slight skin pigmentation from acne scars from my teenage years, and this foundation is good at making it much less noticeable. It’s not a miracle eraser or anything like that because it is light, but I think it does a really good job of blending in your unwanted blemishes. I even have a few freckles and an ugly mole that I’m always trying to hide and this greatly reduces it’s appearance.

If you’re worried about how it’s going to look on your skin, you just gotta try it. It’s very natural with a silky feel that doesn’t look chalky but rather a velvet feel to your skin.

I should caution some of you, based on other reviews that I’ve read regarding this matte foundation, there is an ingredient and I’m not sure what it is that may cause a break out or even a rash. The ingredient might be called bismuth, but I’m not 100% sure. That’s why I always recommend whenever you try a makeup product for the first time it’s always a good idea to just use a small amount on your skin just to see if there is some kind of reaction first before you apply it to a large area. Better to be safe than sorry right?

Also, if you’re wondering how long this should last you, it always depends on how much you use. For myself, I often use just a small amount to give a light coverage so that small amount goes a long way and a jar will last me a few months. This sample size I can see lasting me a good week or 2.

This free sample of Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals is limited to one sample per household.

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1 kiran

so cute!

2 jennifer


3 Charlotte Boie

Im lokking forward to recieve my package

4 kerry knowles

I love looking my best, thanks

5 Kalia Thao

this is great. 🙂

6 katrina holes

when i got mine in the mail it was all crumbly and stuff. did it go bad or is that how it is. anyone know?

7 Paula Davis

My cousin in Oklahoma City has the box set of this product. It literally transforms your face, and also enhances your beauty.

8 Carmela

I love Bare Essential stuff, but I heard this one is really good.

9 malia perez

omg i love mineral make up

10 Whitt


11 celewis

thank you!

12 karen glazier

Thank you for connecting me to this sample. I’ve been wanting to try bare minerals out for a long time.

13 mylypso

Love bare minerals!

14 Faye

wow! great

15 karen glazier

thank you

16 Zoe Benson

I got mine, but I had a problem. I was hoping to get one of those buki brushes with it but I didn’t. Is it suppose to come with one? Would they send out another sample with it, or do they not send them out and I have it all wrong, lol.

17 JuliE

I LOVE Bare Essentials make-up!!! I don’t go anywhere without it.

18 Jessica paul

bare minerals has changed my life. ever since the age of 11 i had terrible acne I tried every more or less every foundation on the market. but last year when i was 19 years old I tried Bare minerals in Birmingham and i cried with happiness. all of the redness and acne scars had gone as if by magic and from that day on i only use Bare Minerals thank you so much

19 Bella Arduini

Bare minerals has changed my life. It makes me look 10 years younger!!!

20 Kimberly Way

Bare Minerals ROCKS!

21 jess

nothing else compares to this stuff, it makes you look flawless without looking plastic

22 Rosalynda Longoria


23 Alexandra kaifos

This is the best thing ever! I switched to it over a tr ago
And I will never ever use anything else.

24 Lindsey mcdaniel

Best makeup ever

25 Alisha


26 Devin Cimino

lovvvvvvve it

27 amy

i just cannot stay without make-up

28 S. Jacobs

Bare Minerals makes a classic foundation and pretty close to a miracle product. It’s one of the better foundations I’ve ever used. It gives good coverage and super light weight. You just need to be careful not to use too much or else it’ll look like it’s caked on. My only real big problem with BareMinerals is that their products are $$$ expensive so finding these samples is a really nice treat.


29 a.beatty

bare minerals is the best make up i have used, it can cover any spot or anything else you want to keep hidden away,its fast and easy to apply and last for hours with out reapplying !

30 Marie Richins

Thanks. I am looking for a new foundation and I don’t know what to buy. This will help.

31 Jennifer

Bare Minerals make up is awesome. It hides flaws and last all day. I’ve been using Bare Minerals nearly six years now and will continue to purchase their products. I almost forgot its great for acne prone skin will not cause breakouts.

32 Robby

One time I had it put on me at the store and loved it!

33 Kara

I have been using bare minerals since i was in high school… over 7 years ago and i am still using it! can’t wait to try this new color!

34 katerina

I love it!

35 Rosario

I love bare mineral makeup. It’s just the best! 🙂

36 nidhi

Bare Minerals make up is awesome. It hides flaws and last all day. I’ve been using Bare Minerals nearly six years now and will continue to purchase their products.

37 Tamra

I haven’t used bare escentuals in years, glad to have tried it again before I order…Thanks

38 isha gupta

i luv bare mineral make up

39 Elizabeth

Love to try out all the bareminerals makeup before i buy.
They nothing worse,then wasted makeup laying around because you dislike it. I love the sound of this bare mineral
makeup & its good for your skin too,WOW..!

40 Juli

I am in Langley BC Canada???? Is it available in Canada?

41 Szilvia Laczko

Hello! Hungary is not available in this brand, how can I get it?

42 Charity Jones

Love, Love Bare Minerals! This is the only thing that doesn’t break me out.

43 shreya


44 Donna McLeod

This one is a winner

45 cristella

love bare minerals…



47 emily l.

Really happy about this free sample, it is so great to be able to try out this product before buying, I have wanted to try Bare Mineral products for a long time . Thankyou

48 mary nelson

Bare minerals has always been the best in my opinion..

49 Tori Shaw

hey! This looks like the perfect color for me!

50 Rebecca roach


I really love this brand and it doesn’t look to thick and heavy on you’re face.

51 Baily L

I’m a long time user of this BM foundation but haven’t used it in a few months due to being unemployed and not able to afford it any more. Now I need to find these kinds of samples 🙁 Anyways, what I love most about this foundation is that it covers any imperfections that I have and the finish is so much different than any others I’ve ever tried. It can dry out your skin if you use it every single day that’s why I like to take a day off or two. But besides that, it makes my skin look beautiful. I really do love it.

52 Angle T.


53 melissa ann

Thanks, love Bare minerals!!

54 Sanchari Rakshit

Really happy about this free sample, it is so great to be able to try out this product before buying, I have wanted to try Bare Mineral products for a long time . Thankyou

55 machell

This makeup rocks..want to look my best on my wedding day..

56 Judy Scott

Thanks, I have wanted to try this for a long time.

57 diana

i love this makeup. it’s the only kind ill ever use!!!

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