Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers Fragrance 5 Piece Set Free Sample

Here, they’ll give you one perfume free sample of Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers Fragrance 5 Piece Set. This has to be one of the cutest perfume sets I have ever seen, actually it’s the only time I’ve ever seen a company give 5 sample bottles in one free sample. Each bottle is .04 oz , so that’s .2 oz of perfume. WOW! When you send in your request to them, they’ll send it out to you in the mail and it comes in a clear bag and each sample bottle is on a black piece of card board.

Each perfume vile is different, you’ll get one of each:

LOVE- Smells like a floral bouquet, with notes of pink pomelo.

LIL’ ANGEL- Has a floral citrus smell to it, with notes of pineapple.

G- An oriental, fruity, gourmand smell with fresh coconut, jasmine, and cotton woods.

MUSIC- A scent of fruity floral with a hint of pear, sweat pea, and sleek wood.

BABY- A smell of powdery floral with a tiny hint of white rose, orange flower, and white musk.

This free sample of Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers Fragrance 5 Piece Set is limited to one request per household. No purchase is necessary (their website clearly states that). While quantities last. Available to anyone who resides in the United States, Canada, England, France, Italy, Germany, and Australia.

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1 Julissa Heinz

I love the smell of this Harajuku Lovers perfume! I had heard that it smells wonderful, but I needed to experience it for my self! Thanks for making this post!

2 Rachel Velez

I Love Gwen!!!

3 Jessica Desroches

it’s been 12 days already, do you know if it usually takes this long for them to send it to me???

4 Debbie Dauncey

I got my sample Harajuku Lovers 5 pc. fragance set but it took forever. still happy though 🙂

5 Betty

Love it. Much appreciated.

6 ashley

2 of the samples were the same 🙁 oh well.

7 cindy

Thanks, got mine already but it smells like perfume for little girls. I can’t wear this at work 🙁 I was really looking forward to trying this.

8 Kimberly

I’d love to know if I can get this by Dec 31. How long does it normally take to arrive when they ship it out to you???

9 laura reynolds

love Gwen

10 cat999

The LOVE is my favorite. Gwen’s parfumes are the best in the world!

11 brittney mitchell

Wow i loved ‘G’ and “music’ for the harajuku lovers! What a cute set! Im really exited to try the other scents!!

12 lana

got four, i thought it was five???

13 marletta retherford

I heard of other people talking about the fragrance, it just made me want to try it out for my self.

14 maria

i love the sample set, but went through it pretty fast. does any1 know if you can buy as a set instead of one at a time?? i really like each one and like to alternate during the week.

15 ann

super cute

16 meme

I love gwen steffani she’s my favorite artist i have alot of sisters so its hard for me to afford certain things i am very thankful for this sample of gwens fragrance.


This is so cute, this sample lasted a week in my apartment. My room mate and all my friends kept wanting to try it out.

18 Mary Delegrotto

This is so cute. I really liked all of them. I’m trying to get another sample for my friend but I’m having trouble. Can anyone help me? you can email me at

19 Shannon C.

Out of the 5 samples, my favorite Harajuku Lovers scent was MUSIC!! It’s a really nice floral with a tiny touch of vanilla. LOVE was probably my least favorite.

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