Speed Stick Regular Deodorant Trial Size Free Sample

This one is for the smelly boys out there, lol, they’re giving away a free sample of Speed Stick regular deodorant trial size. It looks just like a regular deodorant stick tube, but just much smaller and much cuter 😉 It comes in a 0.5 oz or 14g tube, perfect for your gym bag. To get this sample all you need to do is to select get trial and they’ll send it out to you in the mail.

I should also point out that in order to receive this sample, you’ll need to answer 4 questions about your use of deodorants. Then in about 3 weeks you’ll get it.

This free sample of Speed Stick Regular Deodorant Trial Size has a limit of one per household. While quantities last. On purchase is necessary. Available to all residents of the United States, Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Australia, and India.

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1 kumar pal

can’t ever go without this. thanks

2 Gregs010


3 devin

i love this stuff it feels and smells great,it also never wears off you can work all day and still smell like you just put it on.

4 l. greyson


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