Laura Mercier Brown Sugar Lip Stick Free Sample

This is for a free sample of Laura Mercier Brown Sugar lip stick. You get a small .04 oz lip stick sent to you through the mail. And if you know any thing about lip stick, you’ll know that Laura Mercier is one of the best and perhaps one of the more expensive lip sticks so a free sample is a real treat.

I don’t know of the other free sample colors available by Laura Mercier, but I’m sure there are many more. The only reason why I chose the Brown Sugar color is because it is one of my favorite.

This free sample of Laura Mercier Brown Sugar lip stick is only available in the United States, Canada, and Europe. And only one per household.

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1 Maria G.

i love everything about Laura Mercier stuff. it’s the only thing i use. these will come in handy.


2 phyllis

very classy lipstick. thanks for posting this. ive never seen any free samples for laura mercier lipstick.

3 happy MOM

usually this is too expensive to even try, glad i got mine. thank you so much.

4 summereve

I’m confused, I ordered my sample from them and I thought I was going to get the Laura Mercier Brown Sugar Lip Stick?

Instead I got the Laura Mercier Shimmer Lip Color sample. I guess I’m not complaining, I was just hoping to get the Brown Sugar. Oh well.

5 Lally

Love Laura mercier products.

6 karen

This is the best lip stick

7 T. Smarinski

Thankyou. I got mine just the other day but I had put in a request for a different color, does anyone know if they give out only this color lipstick or others?

8 Rainee Tubbs

I have heard how this color in particular goes with many complexions. It’s so hard for me to find a color to fit my complexion! Thanks! Rainee

9 tracy

wow thanks

10 Alison T.

I really liked Brown Sugar, it seems to suit me well. Be warned though, I noticed that even once the lipstick color comes off, a little stain remains. And also it doesn’t last too long but long enough, it’s not a full lip mat color.

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