Veet Debut Wax Strips Trial Pack Free Sample

Hey ladies, this is a good one for you. They’re giving out a trial pack free sample of Veet Debut Wax Strips to help you achieve silky smooth skin without unsightly hair. When you request the pack, they’ll send a box containing:

12 Wax Strips

2 Perfect Finish Wipes

1 Hints & Tips Leaflet

Also, the product contains vitamin E and almond oil. Make sure you use it on short hair (don’t make the mistake and use it on long hair like I did, lol). The directions claim that you can expect to have up to 4 weeks of wonderfully smooth and silky hairless skin.

I’ve used hair removal wax strips before and have had some success. I find that I’ll resort to the painful waxing process if I’m bored of shaving or just sick and tired of shaving every few days. It’s nice being able to go a few months without having to worry about removing the hair on your legs. But when it does return, it’s difficult to go through the pain 🙁

One thing I should mention about Veet Debut is that the smell can be a little strong. It smells like bleach. But if you can stand it, then go for it and give it a try.

This trial pack free sample of Veet Debut Wax Strips is only available for a limited time only. And only 1 per household. Available to anyone in the United States, Canada, England, Australia, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland.

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1 Teresa

thank you. used it on my hubby’s chest 😉 (he lost a bet)

2 rena

i have used veet for years and i love there products

3 lizy j.

well, glad i got the sample first. was really not impressed by these wax strips. they removed about half the hair leaving behind small patches. a few hours later, i look at my legs and see little red bumps everywhere 🙁

4 Donna McLeod

My daughter will love her new smooth hair free legs. I

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