Shania Twain Starlight Perfume Free Sample

I wasn’t sure if there was much of a demand for this but I figured I should tell you about this free sample of Shania Twain Starlight Perfume that they’re giving out. Right now, when you send them your request, you can get this 0.05 fl oz (1.5 ml) spray vial on card. They’ll send you this through the mail in roughly four weeks give or take a few days.

The reason why I wasn’t too sure about posting this is because it’s been out for a while and also…. it’s not the best perfume on the market, to put it nicely. When I got my sample, I was excited because (a) I’m a big fan of Shania and (b) I’d never tried it before. Well… I kind of wish I hadn’t tried it. I just wasn’t impressed at all. It’s very generic smelling, similar to what you’d find being sold at a truck stop, lol. It just smells really cheap. Maybe it’s the strong floral scent that turns me off, I don’t know. But, one good thing about Starlight, is the fact that it doesn’t last very long after you spray it on. I think it probably stayed on me for about an hour and then after that it was barely noticeable.

I’m sure there are some people who might actually like it, especially since it’s been around for a few years. And I’m sure there are others who will only like it because it’s backed by Shania Twain. So don’t take my review as the only one, since all fragrances are such a person thing and unique to the individual 😉

This free sample of Shania Twain Starlight Perfume is limited to one (1) per person. No purchase necessary. While quantities last. Available in the United States, Canada, England, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, and Australia.

Picture of my Shania Twain Starlight Perfume Free Sample

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