Mary Kay Satin Hands Free Sample

Are you having trouble with dry skin on your hands? Well, this could help, right now, they’re giving away a 3 pack free sample of Mary Kay Satin Hands for a limited time with your request. And no, you do not have to attend any special “party” to get it ;). They’ll send this out to you at no charge, and no purchase is necessary. You’ll get one sample of the following Satin Hands products:

Hand Softener 0.04 oz. (1.25g)
Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub 0.1 oz. (3g)
Hand Cream 0.07 oz. (2g)

Normally, I really don’t care for hand creams because I find that they’re just too greasy, but with this it feels soft and smooth without the grease. Kind of like when I just dried my hands after washing the dishes (if that makes any sense, lol). Even the smell of the cream is barely noticeable. The only time of year that I notice my hands get really dry is in the fall time, I’ll definitely use this when that time comes.

If you could use this free sample of Mary Kay Satin Hands you’ll get just one 3 pack per person. No limit of how many people living in one house can order, hint hint ;). Available to you if you live in the United States, Canada, Australia, England, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Iceland, and Norway.

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1 Jess Roberts

I’ve been using Satin Hands for a while now because I work at a hospital and I’m constantly washing my hands and find that they get so dry and cracked. This really has helped me with keeping the moisture in.

2 Jen

Thank you so much, I really like this product. Now can you tell me where I can buy the full size in Orlando, Florida? Or do I need to go through a Mary Kay rep?

3 kelly marshall

never tried this product before

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