Lady Gaga Fame Perfume Free Sample

Are you getting tired yet of all these celebrity fragrances on the market? Well, maybe this free sample of Lady Gaga Fame perfume will change your mind. If you’re quick enough, you can send them your request and hopefully be one of the lucky ones to receive this unique 0.04 oz spray vial with card. The interesting thing about this is that the liquid is actually black and combined with the gold packaging makes this very original looking.

I’ve said it before in my reviews and I’ll say it again, normally I don’t like celebrity perfumes not because they smell particularly bad, it’s just embarrassing when someone asks you what you’re wearing and you answer back with a celebrity name. With that said, I would normally be hesitant with any fragrance released by Lady Gaga thinking it would be some kind of strange and bizarre scent. Well, let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised. Lady Gaga Fame is very sweet and floral smelling that I think a wide array of people could actually wear. It can suit a young or older person, and even be worn during the day or at night. Very versatile.

I should also mention that despite the fact that when sprayed it’s suppose to turn invisible, if you decide to spray it on white fabric it does leave a noticeable marking. So remember that when you use it, only spray it on your skin and not your clothing. I remember my Grandmother always saying that one of the golden rules of perfumes and fragrances is to spray it on your skin and not your clothes. But I guess that would depend on the individual and the way their body chemistry interacts with the scent.

Overall, I’d say this free sample of Lady Gaga Fame perfume was a lot better than I had expected and I’m sure many of you will like it if you give it a chance. Limit of just one (1) per person. United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and select European countries.

Picture of my Lady Gaga Fame Perfume Free Sample

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1 Kim Javier

I’m not really a fan of Lady Gaga but I am a fan of this scent. What I really like about this is that it’s strong enough for people around you to notice but soft enough that I can tolerate it being on my skin. It has a classy scent that you would find on classy women, almost like a Chanel. If you haven’t tried the sample get it.

2 cristine b.

Smells great. My daughter was thrilled!

3 Maddie C


4 Alisa53

Thank you 🙂

5 Pam R.

Umm thanks. Didn’t care for it… smells like Grape Robitussin 🙁

6 kaylee018

It’s the most beautiful scent ever, & very long lasting. Thank you so much.

7 tracieloveit


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