Cover FX Cosmedic Concealing Clinic Free Sample

You’ve probably already heard about this, but right now, they’re giving away a free sample of Cover FX Cosmedic Concealing Clinic for a limited time. Just fill in the proper information in their sample form and they’ll send it out to you within a few weeks. When you do get it, you’ll get a tear off squeeze packet with 1.5ml (0.05 fl oz) of product attached to a card board backing explaining how to use the product.

I don’t normally use cosmetic concealers, but when I tried this, I really did not care for it. I found it to be really quite oily and the color range to be unnatural with my skin type. The only good thing was that a small amount goes a long way. I just used the tiniest amount and was able to cover a lot of skin. I’ve seen this product advertised often and thought that with all the hype and the price it should be fairly decent. Well, I was certainly wrong. Too bad.

It never hurts to try out a product especially if there’s no cost, right? To get this free sample of Cover FX Cosmedic Concealing Clinic you must live in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, and Poland. Limited to one per household. No purchase necessary.

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1 nancy kipling

my friend uses this stuff all the time. she says it’s the only thing that gets rid of all her blemishes on her face.

2 Krishan D.


I can see this working well, but the sample I got was a little off from my natural skin tone. I need something a little lighter. Does anyone know if you can mix it with something to make it lighter?



4 Elizabeth

love to put makeup ect to the test,Thankyou=)

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