Natura Bisse Essential Shock Complex Free Sample

Here’s another skin cream for you to try. They’re giving away this 0.05 oz packet free sample of Natura Bisse Essential Shock Complex for the next few months. When you register and make your request, they’ll send this out to you in the mail in a few weeks. Along with the sample, you’ll also get some information about some other Natura products available for purchase.

After reading some good reviews about this cream, I decided to give this anti-aging cream a try. It’s suppose to restore firmness and elasticity to the skin with only a few applications. The thing that peaked my interest is the isoflavones. If you don’t know what isoflavones are, it helps to fight skin changes due to hormone fluctuations something that is very important to ladies in their 40’s ;). Anyways, as soon as I opened up the packet, I was unfortunate enough to get an idea of how it smells. Wow! It smells kind of like fish. Just the thought of putting this on my face made me want to gag, so I ended up just throwing it in the garbage. I’m hoping it was just a bad sample. I did email the company and asked if there was any way I can try it again after telling them my experience from the first. I’m still waiting to hear back. I’ll keep you posted.

This free sample of Natura Bisse Essential Shock Complex, like I mentioned earlier, is only available for the next few months. As usual, there’s a limit of only one per household. While quantities last. Available to anyone in the United States, Canada, England, France, Germany, Sweden, and Australia.

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1 maria g.

thanks … but didn’t really care for this either. couldn’t tolerate the smell.

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