Devoted Creations Couture Sport Tanning Lotion Free Sample

Here, they’re giving away one free sample of Devoted Creations Couture Sport Tanning Lotion. It comes in a .7 oz packet and it comes in the mail when you register on their website forum.

For those of you who are not familiar with their tanning lotions, this sample is for men. It has the manly fragrance of patchouli and jasmine. I’m not even sure why I ordered this sample, my husband is way beyond any kind of tanning. Actually is the opposite of tanning if that’s even possible. So I guess I’ll just gift this one away like I normally do with colognes and other samples for men, lol.

This free sample of Devoted Creations Couture Sport Tanning Lotion is available for a limited time. Only one per registered user on their website. Available in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Australia.

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1 gina

thanks. i loved it.


THE LAKE, JET SKIING, CALIFORNIA SUN, & A NICE TANNED MAN!! Now that sounds like fun! Can’t wait to have my guy try this tanning lotion! Thanks!

3 Lynn T.

I’m a little disappointed, I didn’t realize that Devoted Creations Couture Sport would have a men’s cologne smell to it. It’s not terrible but not good for girls to wear 🙁

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