Victorias Secret Dream Angels Forever Perfume Free Sample

This is just so cute! They’re giving away one free sample of Victorias Secret Dream Angels Forever Perfume when you fill in their request form, no purchase necessary. You’ll get a pair of angel wings that open up to reveal a 0.05 fl oz vial of eau de parfum. They said that they’ve been overwhelmed with orders so deliveries can take up to five or six weeks.

I just love the way they packaged this little sample with angel wings, it’s really just adorable. I just wish that the fragrance smelled a little better, I really wanted to like this one. I just found that it smelled too much like powder, almost too overwhelming for me. I like a little more floral scent. My daughter on the other hand loves it. She says that she can’t smell the powder and can only smell the blackberry. See, it just goes to show that some people can have a totally different sense of smell, even if they’re family ;).

This free sample of Victorias Secret Dream Angels Forever Perfume is available for a limited time only. No purchase necessary. Only one sample per person. Available to anyone in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Poland, India, and Japan.

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1 Melinda Saunders

Toooo cute. Thank you!
When I tried it, I could barely smell any powder, just the floral scent. I really liked it.

2 mary daniels

thank you

3 Fiona S.

Does anyone know if this is the newest scent released by Victoria’s Secret? I always get confused with all the different ones that they have. I smelled one at the store and really liked it and can’t tell if it’s the same as this one 🙁

4 Carey Simons

I just love the way this smells. All I need to do is just use it once and it smells amazing all day.

5 Deeee

I filled out the request form but I put in my old address and forgot to put in my new one. Do you think they’ll accept it again but with a different address? I really want to try this, I just wasn’t thinking 🙁 🙁 🙁

6 lopamudra moulik

thank u

7 Vickey Stands

thanks. i really liked it, i just wish i could find a victoria’s secret in Fort Wayne, Indiana. my parents won’t let me buy stuff online.

8 Magies

Do you know if they ship out to Alaska? I really wanted to try this but I live so far from the cities that it’s sometimes tough to get these.

9 Kim S.

Thank you!

I can’t help but think this smells like another perfume fragrance by Victoria’s Secret, I just can’t figure it out and it’s driving me nuts 😉

10 Danielle Mason

I have always wanted to try Victoria Secret fragrances. Every time I walk by it pulls me into the store.

11 k-sharma


12 meia gineira

ya, found the powder scent to be a little much for my liking. still, though, I love Victoria’s Secret fragrance line they’re always a little different then the rest.

13 Jasper Armstrong

i gave my sample to my big sister for her birthday… she really liked it… she really likes victorias secret perfumes and stuff…
thank you

14 Lindsey mcdaniel

Thanks i love victoria secret

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