Vera Wang Preppy Princess EDT Spray Free Sample

Here they’re giving away a free sample of Vera Wang Preppy Princess EDT spray. All you need to do is send them your request and it comes in a 1.2ml vile with a spray pump, protected by a card board cover, and also as a bonus you get a card shaped in a heart (I’m not sure why they give you this heart, just seems to be a waste of paper).

Preppy Princess is one of Vera Wang’s newer fragrances. I find that this particular scent has a perfect blend of citrus/fruity/sweet smell to it, not at all overwhelming. But I do find it has a fragrance that would be worn by a younger person and not an old lady like myself 🙁 . If you haven’t heard of this Preppy Princess yet, I’d be surprised because it’s being heavily marketed, I guess that’s why this free sample is being offered in so many different countries.

I just found this out, but, did you know that there are 20 pumps worth of spray in a 1.2ml vile? I didn’t that, to be honest I never even counted. I guess I try to use these sample bottles as little as possible to make them last longer. So, if you break it down, you could use one spray every day and it would last 20 days. Or Monday to Friday and it will last you about a month 😛

This free sample of Vera Wang Preppy Princess EDT spray is limited to 1 per person. No purchase necessary, while quantities last. Available to anyone in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Greece, Denmark, Japan, and New Zealand.

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1 briana carrasco

i love this!(: it smells so nice!

2 Jessie

My best friend uses this and always gets compliments!

3 jojo

this stuff smells really nice!

4 eekku

I tried ordering some, but they don’t send them out to Iceland 🙁

5 eekku

my friend at school just started wearing this and she always gets compliments on how good she smells.

6 kinjal Acharya


I am great fan of Prada perfumes and have good collection which I buy every season.But before selecting anyone I do go through sample test and get the one that suits me.

7 chetan

really nice i cant forget its smells

8 riya k mulchandai

My sister use this n recomended me

9 Nikita V.

Well, finally got a chance to try out my sample, I was a little hesitant. It’s not bad, but it’s also nothing special. I would have like a stronger coconut scent but it was basically non existant. I think I was hoping it would be closer to Princess Night by Vera Wang… but no.

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