Valentino EDP Spray Vile Free Sample

They’re giving away a free sample of Valentino EDP spray vile. When you fill out the request form, and answer 2 questions about your favorite fragrances and smells, they’ll send you a sample vile in the mail. It comes in a 0.06 fl oz vile inside a cardboard protector case, including a whole bunch of flyers :0

In case you are wanting to try this EDP, I will tell you my opinion. I think it is probably the worst smelling fragrance I’ve ever had the opportunity to smell. I’m not sure if it’s because my husband told me that his ex girlfriend use to have a perfume that smelled similar to it, or the fact that there’s a little old lady at church who wears this like it was water. I didn’t even offer it to my daughter, who I normally give my samples that I don’t like to. Just be warned.

Even if you still are wanting this free sample of Valentino EDP spray vile, there is the usual limit of only one per household. While quantities last. Available to residents of the United States, Canada, Australia, U.K., France, Germany, Italy, and India.

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1 barbie benz

this is the best!!

2 Annabelle Charles

It’s really not that bad. I’ve used this before and you only need to use one spray. Anything more and it’ll be too strong. Sometimes I’ll spray a small scarf and leave it in a room just before I go out and them by the time I put it on it’s blended into the fabric so nicely. It stays on all day too.

3 Anni A.


4 veronika m.

thank you!!

5 laurie v

Thank you. It’s a bit sweet, but in a subtle way, I find it to be a nice scent for daily use: not too strong, but still quite stated. Not my HG EDP, but still I keep reaching for it more often than the one I’m supposed to be finishing right now.

6 banana c.

This scent is absolutely amazing. It’s feminine and not overbearing.
I just had a couple of spritzes of it when while trying it out and went to heaven:)

7 Mojisola Boyede

I had the opportunity to try this parfum from a magazine, can’t remember the name of the magazine. Ever since then I have loved scent of this fragrance,. To some of my friends they think it’s a bit to strong but for me I love parfums like Valentino Donna that make a statement anywhere I go. It is simply wonderful, unique and the smell stays on all day.

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