Urban Decay Primer Potion Free Sample

This is amazing, you are going to love this. They’re giving away this 4 in 1 free sample of Urban Decay Primer Potion when you send in your request. They’ll send out this card containing four different primers for you to try out. You’ll get:


I’m not sure of the quantity that you get in each little package, but it’s not really a lot. I recommend you only use one at a time and then open another package at another time. If that doesn’t work for you, you can always put it in a zip-lock baggy and seal it so no air will get in to dry it out. Expect to get your sample in about a week and a half.

I’ve used eyeshadow every once in a while but not often because I find it never really stays on very long, but using this definitely cures that. It literally lasts all day. And, it seems to keep my eyeshadow color more defined and stays on without smudging either.

My daughter uses UD (Urban Decay) makeup daily and she’s always raving about how good it is, especially this Primer Potion. Now that I had my own sample to try out, I can see why she loves it. She says she has to have it or else her makeup just does not hold nearly the same. We both highly recommend this product, definitely give it a try.

If you’re looking to trial your own free sample of Urban Decay Primer Potion 4 in 1 pack, you’ll need to live in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, New Zealand, or Australia. No purchase required, and limit of one (1) per household.

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1 Steph Santos

I totally love the original primer. I used to use it all the time but haven’t lately because I’m poor at the moment so I need to get samples. I’ve been going through withdrawal 😛 LOL It really brightens up my eyeshadow and stays on for a super long time. I use this with the Urban Decay Eyeshadows.

2 Aimee Rocios

Out of all the eyeshadow primer samples that I’ve ever tried this one is probably one of the best. It makes your eyeshadow really vibrant and crease free. It’s just a thin coat that lasts and looks really natural around the eyes. Will be buying with my next paycheck.

3 amanda v.

thank you!!!

4 Britney Wiggins


5 Lucy A.

I’ve used the primer potion sample a few times and surprisingly, it’s great! It’s funny sometimes I’ll be lazy and won’t wash my face at night and the next morning when I wake up, my eye makeup still looks good. Definitely a keeper!!

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