Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice Weight Gain Free Sample

Trying to increase those numbers on the scale? Well, right now, they’re giving away a free sample of Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice Weight Gain when you send in your request to help you in your quest for increasing those pounds. They’ll then send out a one serving size package to you in the mail in a few weeks.

I believe there are a few different flavors to choose from as your sample, I chose Chocolate Creme. I only tried a bit of it and wow, was it ever delicious. My husband is into working out and weight training, so I let him have the rest of it. When I looked at the nutrition label, I was quite shocked to see that there is 1020 calories. So in the small sip that I tried, I’m sure I had about 100 calories or more 🙁 As for the rest of the nutritional content it goes as the following:

18g sugar
170g carbohydrates
56g protein
14g fat

If you think this could help your mass building efforts, then this free sample of Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice Weight Gain can be available to you if you live in the United States, Canada, England, Germany, and Australia. No purchase is necessary to receive sample. Limit of one per household.

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1 Dan Bigs

Very cool. Thank you. Now I need to figure out where I can get more. They really are delicious!

2 Jay

Thanks. The taste was okay, not the best, but better than some of the others I’ve tried.

3 Ryan B.

thank you. i have the hardest time trying to gain weight and I have an even harder time finding a weight gain that doesn’t taste terrible. this is probably one of the best.

4 Alex T.

I was impressed with this sample! Ultimate Nutrition makes one of the best tasting weight gainers I’ve ever tried. There’s over 1200 calories per serving! Does anyone know where I can buy a large container of this in Atlanta, Georgia?

5 Andrew f

Hi I been trying to gain 14 pounds for months now and wanted to try your sample so I can continue to gain weight and gain more muscle rather than just toning up

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