Trish McEvoy Black Rose Oud Free Sample

If you like fragrances with a strong oud scent to it, you’ll probably want to give this free sample of Trish McEvoy Black Rose Oud a try, but be warned it’s very strong. Newly released but for a limited time only, you can request your sample and they’ll send you this 0.06 fl oz (2 ml) dab on vial.

I should also note that it took a little while longer for my sample to arrive than it was originally stated on their site. It took about 5 weeks. Not sure where it came from or what the hold up was but I guess I can’t complain since it was free, lol 🙂

Well, I’m not too familiar with the oud scent being so strong in a perfume so I was quite surprised with this. It reminds me of a Middle Eastern scent. And with the combination of rose, it’s really intriguing, but definitely not something I would wear on my body. Perhaps I could get used to it, or maybe it might change once it interacts with my skin chemistry. In the mean time, I’ll just keep this one in my sample drawer and save it for a rainy day.

You can request your free sample of Trish McEvoy Black Rose Oud if you live in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Australia, or New Zealand. Limit of one (1) per household. While quantities last.

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1 Jasmin R.

Got my sample a few days ago and I was very disappointed by this. I’ve lived in the middle east for a few years and have grown to like the oud scent but this particular perfume is very cheap smelling and turns sour after a while.

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