Thierry Mugler Womanity EDT Spray Free Sample

Right now, when you fill out their request form, they’ll send you this free sample of Thierry Mugler Womanity EDT Spray. No purchase necessary. You’ll get a little 0.04 fl oz pink spray vial sealed in a clear plastic bag. They say it’ll take about one to two weeks to process the request and then about three to four weeks to receive it in the mail. So you’ll need to be patient.

Well, let me tell you right now, this is a very unique fragrance. I’m not sure yet whether or not I like it, but it just has such a different smell that it’s almost too difficult to describe it. The first thing that comes into mind is the smell of a night club after hours. Kind of like the way all the different perfumes of all the women together with a little sweat. That’s sounds weird but it’s what I think of. My daughter doesn’t like it nor does my husband so it most likely will never be worn around the house by me 😛

Anyways, some of you women out there might like it so why not give it a try. This free sample of Thierry Mugler Womanity EDT Spray is available for a limited time only. No purchase necessary. Available to anyone in the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Italy, and Spain.

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1 Macey K.

OMG! I love this scent. This is by far my favorite. Thank you, thank you. I’m always getting compliments on it. Thanks!!

2 Karen Smileys

Thanks. Unfortunately this does not smell very good on me or in the bottle. I won’t be buying a full size bottle of this any time soon.

3 Jaden P.

I’ve tried Womanity before at the store and it was just an amazing smell. Totally different from anything I’ve ever tried. I can see that you either love it or hate it, that’s why I’m so hesitant on wearing any on a regular basis.

4 wow

as soon as i got it, i opened it up to smell it and WOW it smells like a bar. not for me.

thanks anyways

5 vivica james

i guess this is a perfume that you can either take it or leave it. i think ill leave it. not for me but thanks.

6 Maddie C

Thanks 🙂

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