Thierry Mugler Angel Perfume Free Sample

Here, they’re giving away one free sample of Thierry Mugler Angel perfume. It’s sent to you after you send them your request with your email address. It took 4 weeks for mine to arrive in the mail and it came in a cute little blue box and the sample bottle comes in a small .04 oz spray bottle.

This is actually a very nice smelling fragrance. I’ve tried this on at the store and really liked it. My husband ended up buying me some for Christmas last year. Now with this free sample, I’ll carry it in my purse and just refill it when it gets empty. How’s that for recycling ;p

This free sample of Thierry Mugler Angel perfume can be claimed without any purchase or any credit card. Limit of one per email address. Available to all in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and India.

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1 drea

got mine and i luvvvvv it 🙂 🙂

Knoxville, Tennessee

2 Jacqueline Deck

yesterday receive the Angel free sample perfume 🙂

3 snogly

i LOVE this perfume, its, its, well the name of it says it all

4 maria mancilla

this has got to be the best smelling fragrance of all time. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5 Crystal

I’m already out, now I just need to figure out where to buy a full size bottle in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Thanks to all 🙂

6 Lydia

Thank you so much. Anything by Thierry Mugler is amazing!



8 deanna bretton

thanx. this is my signature fragrance. can always have small bottle to put in my purse.

9 angela arting

really liked this. i’ll be buying a full size bottle soon.

P.S. thanks for the tip about refilling this sample spray bottle. i’ll just keep it in my bag for whenever i’m out and about.

10 Jennifer Ariz

WOW! I opened my sample up right away as soon as I got it and couldn’t believe how sweet it smelled. Sure it’s okay if you’re a young teenager, but for a older mature woman in her twenties or later… no way. Glad I didn’t pay money for this.

11 Victoria Stedy

After using my sample of Thierry Mugler Angel the best way to describe it would be somewhat sweet yet sharp. Very potent! I put just a little on my wrist and my boyfriend could smell it a few feet away. But, I don’t care for it-it’s a bit too strong for my taste.

12 Beverly Tomson

My friend got me to wearing it and my husband thinks it is awesome. He loves the way it smells on me.

13 rosanna fanillion

Thank you. I love this product. I get my refill at MACY’s when needed.

14 jackie

Really love the patchouli

15 Lindsay R.

I’m a long time user of Angel but haven’t used it for a while since I’ve recently become unemployed and need to rely on free samples like these 🙁 But what I really love about Angel is that it’s so crisp and clean and so unique. And very delicate too. This is my all time favorite scent. I just wish the stores wouldn’t sell the bottle for $60…

16 Abinala Gozial

Lingering and sweet. Your only fully ready when you spray Thierry Mugler. Thank You

17 cindy bush

I recently bought a purse from a friend. It smelled wonderful & she told me she used Angel by Thierry. I would love a sample before I purchase due to the fact I have a skin sensitivity to some perfumes. Thank you

18 Justine Sandham

I like scents that contain patchouli and Thierry Mugler Angel perfume has patchouli in it. I loved this free sample! I would love to buy it, but it is quite expensive.

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