TheBalm Frat Boy Shadow Blush Sample

I just love the packaging on these products they’re so clever. This one is really cute and it’s a sample of TheBalm Frat Boy Shadow Blush and it comes in a retro box with an old high school boy girl couple gettin’ it on in the football field, lol. It opens up to reveal a mirror inside a football field on the left and on the right is the actual shadow / blush. Also, if you’re wondering how it stays closed, it’s got a magnetic closure. You’ll get about 0.02 oz of product to try out.

If I was sixteen again, I’d be buying this product all the time. The packaging just catches my eye all the time and makes my want to try it. I’m so glad they have samples. Anyways, the pigment of the blush or shadow is very noticeable it’s definitely subtle. I felt like at my age I just can’t get away with wearing such prominent colors on my pale skin. I did find that all I needed was just a small amount and it lasted a long time too. It’s got the right blend of peach and pink, I guess you’d call it a coral pink.

The texture itself is not a cream which sometimes I prefer but I can use this for a change. It seems reliable and like I said it lasts a long time I guess that can be good or bad depending on the occasion.

Something you might want to consider if you get this product. I don’t know if you keep your blush in your bag/purse or what but I sometimes do. I found with this little sample it got crushed and dirty fast and I ended up not being able to keep it with me but in the drawer at home. Just a fyi, lol.

Overall, this sample of TheBalm Frat Boy Shadow Blush is too cute to not want to try, I’m so glad I did. The Balm often brings out such good products I think most people would agree. So, don’t take my word for it, just get it!

Picture of TheBalm Frat Boy Shadow Blush Sample