Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil Free Sample

They’re giving away a printable coupon for a free sample of Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil , a skincare product. They call it the “Lab Sample”, not sure why, perhaps it’s because it’s fairly large for a sample. When you receive your coupon through your email, all you need to do is take it to any authorized Tarte store and they’ll give you a box with a small 0.16 fl oz dropper bottle. For each application, all you need is about 2-3 drops, so this bottle will last a while.

The thing about this Maracuja oil is that it’s suppose to come from a rare crop in the Amazon harvested only once a year by women. I think the Maracuja fruit is not indigenous to only the Amazon, I’m pretty sure it grows in other parts of the world, but still it’s probably the first time it’s used in a beauty product 😉 . Anyways, I have it stored in my drawer for future use, I just haven’t had the time to use it yet. Once I do use it , I’ll update this post to let you guys know, unless you’ve already ordered one for yourself.

This free sample of Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil is available for a limited time, only one per household if you are located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Australia, India, and Japan.

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1 Sherry Overton

My sister told me about this oil she uses it all the time.

2 Carey Ming

Thank you. I didn’t have any problems using the coupon. The woman behind the counter said I got the last one for the day, they were going like hot cakes. So you better be quick, don’t wait.

3 alison roberts

heard lots about how good maracuja was for you and was keen on giving it a try, glad i did. not sure if it was as good as all the hype but still pretty decent.

thank you,
alison r.

4 Viva LaRona

Grrr. I’m so made. My printer died on me. How else can I do this? Would they be able to just send it to me in the mail even though it might take a long time?

5 Samantha J.

OMG!! I love this stuff! My skin is normally oily and I was hesitant on using this, but surprisingly it didn’t make my skin oily and no breakouts! I’ve been using it under my eyes at night for the last few days and I can already see a big difference.

Thank you so much! I’m even going to buy a bottle for my sister’s birthday.

6 Mandi Goldston

Thank you.

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