Sunsilk Straighten Up 3 Pack Free Sample

Looking to have smooth straight hair? This could help, they’re giving away a 3 pack free sample of Sunsilk Straighten Up to anyone who sends in their request within the next 30 days. They’ll send out this trio pack along with a coupon for $1.50 off your next purchase. In the mail, you’ll receive one packet of each of the following:

Straighten Up Shampoo .30 fl oz/89 ml

Straighten Up Conditioner .30 fl oz/89 ml

Straighten Up Heat Defense Cream .30 fl oz/89 ml

I actually used this for a while. The Straighten Up line is really great if you have hair that is really stubborn and hard to make straight. I have wavy hair that is just so difficult to work with. When using Sunsilk, I found that it really did the job and did it wonderfully. My hair was smooth, straight, shiny, and best of all, it smelled amazing. It wasn’t until about 6 months of using it that I found my hair was starting to become dry. I’m not sure why after that time it started to happen, the weather was not more dry than usual I can only assume that it was the hair care product that I was using because once I changed to a different brand, my hair became moisturized and healthier looking. But still, I’d say give it a try and see how you like it.

This 3 pack free sample of Sunsilk Straighten Up is available for a short time only. One trio pack per household. Available to anyone in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Poland, and India.

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1 Rain Miller

thank you free sample princess!!

i’ve been using Sun Silk for years. always liked it, i like the fact that it’s affordable and it smells amazing. this sample packet will come in handy when i go on my trip this summer 🙂

rain m.

2 kelly jones

thanks. thought it was o.k. but nothing special. the smell was too much for me, just too strong. the lather on the shampoo was pretty good, didn’t need much.

3 Missy Roahn

I actually don’t mind Sunsilk products and this sample was pretty good. I have hair that is fairly curly down to my mid back but the roots are not curly at all. When I tried the Straighten Up I noticed that right after the first use, the rest of my hair was much more straight. I’m not saying it’s like flat iron straight, but the curls are gone. Not bad, I’ll be buying a bottle. Thanks 🙂

4 Samantha S.

Sunsilk Straighten Up is actaully pretty good, it really makes it easier to straighten my hair. My hair is always so hard to tame, and straightening it is such a task. It’s always frizzy and gets this wave after about an hour after I try and straighten it. After just one use of this sample they sent me my hair stayed straight longer than usual. Pretty good product.

5 Lynn Zebecka

Awesome! The conditioner free sample was the best I have ever used! The shampoo was okay, I’ve used better. After my hair was dry, it would smell soooooo awesome. I’ve been looking everwhere for this but it’s impossible to find. Thank-you.

6 anna r.

thank you!!!! 🙂

7 AMY F.


8 Nitin Varshney


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