Sulwhasoo GOA Neck Cream Free Sample

In Korea, this product is very popular and right now you can get this free sample of Sulwhasoo GOA Neck Cream. This is normally a very expensive product so it’s nice to see that you can get this sample even though it’s a small 1ml packet. You may not be able to really test out how effective it is but you’ll be able to see how your skin will react to it.

When I got my sample I tried it on almost right away. With all the skin creams I’ve tried over the years I could tell that this is actually a high quality product. Just rubbing it through my fingers it feels velvety and smooth. The smell is quite nice and not offensive at all.

After rubbing the sample of Sulwhasoo GOA Neck Cream on my neck and chin area there was no feeling of stickiness. I should note that at the time of using this product I had a couple pimples and was a bit worried of them getting worse with using a new product. I noticed the next day that those same pimples were much less red and there was no irritation.

This neck cream is suppose to increase and maintain your skin elasticity but with just a small sample it’s really had to know just how effective it is but I did notice my skin to be well moisturized the next day and perhaps more softer. I’d really like to try out more of this product but I might have to wait until it goes on sale, it’s just a little out of my current price range of skin products. But as I get older, I’m finding more emphasis on maintaining my skin’s youthful appearance.

Overall, I really liked my free sample of Sulwhasoo GOA Neck Cream but again, it’s really difficult to tell with the small sample size that I got. But with all the great reviews and the popularity of this product, how can you argue?

Picture of my Sulwhasoo GOA Neck Cream Free Sample

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