Stila One Step Makeup Packet Medium Free Sample

Here they’re giving away one free sample of Stila One Step Makeup packet medium. They’ll offer one free at the end of watching their online video tour which takes about 3 minutes of your time and you can’t fast forward it, I already tried, lol. It comes in a 0.02 fl oz pack the size of a ketchup packet you’d get at a restaurant.

This is a very impressive product. It really is a one step makeup because it contains primer, foundation, concealer, and powder all in one. It even has a special revival mineral complex to help keep your skin healthy and young (fingers crossed, lol). When I tried it, it had a very light feel to it (if that makes sense). What I’m trying to say is that it didn’t feel like it was caked onto my skin when I applied it.

This free sample of Stila One Step Makeup packet medium is limited to 1 per person. While quantities last. Available to anyone in the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, France, Germany, Sweden, Ukraine, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and India.

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1 Tonya Anderson

This works better than what people say! I love it!

2 Aoife

Wow, this is all-in-one, all you have to do is apply it and you dont have to use ANY other products like concelar!

3 Poornima

I need more. This was amazing!

4 Nicole Blackwell

I think it’s great

5 Nicole Blackwell

I absolutely love it

6 brooke

love it

7 neha

i simply adore it.

8 Gagan

Help!! I need to get another sample! I can’t remember where I put the one I got 🙁

9 sarah

This is actually quite nice. Thanks so much for posting this.

10 Merlin

OMG, I love this. Anything by Stila is amazing. Thanks so much!!!

11 B Roxy

sadly, i didn’t really care for this sample of Stila One Step Makeup. I tried blending in the color but it just did not work for me, it was orange and way too dark for my skin. Maybe my skin is just to fair for this product 🙁

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