SJP Sarah Jessica Parker The Lovely Collection Free Sample

If you haven’t yet tried this trio, now is your chance with this free sample of SJP Sarah Jessica Parker The Lovely Collection featuring Twilight, Endless, and Dawn. When you sign up and ask to receive this sample, they’ll send out all three on card to you in the mail. Expect about two weeks for it to come (mine took just under 2). When it does arrive, you’ll find three dab on vials each containing 0.04 fl oz (1.2 ml).

Well, being a big fan of Sarah Jessica Parker and anything to do with her, I really wanted to like this collection. I’d be doing everyone who read this a disservice by saying they smell amazing, but I can’t. With the exception of Twilight, they smell like a cheap teenage fragrance. Perhaps that is why they needed to release all three together as a sample. Even my official perfume tester, my husband, said they were a terrible fragrance using the exact same words as me saying they smelled cheap. Sorry Sarah, I guess you can’t win them all.

To get your free sample of SJP Sarah Jessica Parker The Lovely Collection you must live in the United States, Canada, England, or Australia. Only available for a limited time. One (1) per household.

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1 Suzanne Graham

Thanks. This was a nice little set to try out. Wasn’t overly impressed but I would say I liked the “Dawn” fragrance the best, it has a very clean fresh smell that’s not over-powering the the other 2.

2 laura d.

thank u 🙂 🙂 🙂

3 Mirina J.

SJP, what happened? You were my idea of what a woman is suppose to smell like. After smelling this collection I can’t help but think you smell like an old lady. These three fragrances and probably the worst perfumes I’ve ever tried. Maybe I just had high expectations but I wouldn’t waste my money on this. Glad I could try it first. Phew!

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