Sensa Free Sample

This is a strange one. This is a free sample of Sensa. Sensa is a powder that you sprinkle on your food to help curb your appetite, a weight loss aid. It’s claim is:

“…if we can alter your sense of smell we can make food less palatable, because the hedonic effect – that is, the pleasurable effect you get from eating chocolate– won’t be there…”

With this free sample, you get sent a small envelope of this powder that you then use to sprinkle on your food. I’m not sure of the size or how long it will last because I gave my sample to my sister. I’m really not interested in trying this out, unless of course, my sister loses lots of weight. She can be my guinea pig πŸ˜‰

This free sample of Sensa is available to residents of the United States and Canada only. One per household.

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1 michelle

So excited to try this

2 Beth Sawyer

ive tried sensa before it it really does work.


3 Ivis Feliu


tried this sample last week and it was just weird, I still don’t know if it works? guess ill have to buy a full pack.



5 Agnes Giemza

The sample really worked well for me but I live in Canada, and I can’t seem to find any stores that sell this. Is it available in Canada yet? If it isn’t then why would they give out any to Canadian residents?

6 Irene Escalante

Thanks for Sensa it works great!!! I think I lost a few pounds!!

7 fatana

i wanted to try Sensa for a while now, just can’t find it in Canada. i’d say after trying this sample, that it doesn’t work for me πŸ™

8 Garald

I’m sorry, I got my sample in the mail but haven’t tried it yet. I have a dumb question, do you put it in your nose and then breath it in? Or do you just put it on food and eat it? Sorry for the silly question, I just don’t want to do it wrong.

9 Peter

Thank you. I’m trying to figure out how to get another sample for my wife to try. She keeps bugging me. Do you know if it’s possible?

10 Gary Chiller

thank you. i tried everywhere to find this in australia but just couldn’t.

11 veronica longston

this is so weird. i tried it at dinner when i was so hungry and i swear i ate half of what i’d normally eat. i just wasn’t interested in eating anymore. i guess it works or maybe it was all in my head 😐 but thank you

12 Mandy Jennings

i have just about had it with trying to lose weight. this is my last hope 😐

13 April S.


For those wondering about how long the sample lasts for, I’d say it’s good for about 4 meals. You only need a small amount and inside the envelope you get a fair amount. I’m still undecided on how effective it was for me but I suppose you’d need to be using it for a while. I should have tried it when I was really really hungry.

14 Linda Gameson

Thanks. I couldn’t find it anywhere in stores where I live, I guess they don’t carry them in Canada?

15 Linda Stallins

not sure what all the fuss is about with SENSA. i tried my sample but didn’t notice it suppressed my appetite at all, if anything it made me think more about food and therefore ate more food.

16 julia bernardez

i tried everything for twenty-four years. three weeks ago, i was walking everyday at culver city park when i feel a sharp pain in my left knee. i went to kaiser Urgent Care and find out that my knee was inflated(inflammation). so, while i am sitting at home watching television i saw your commercial.

17 dianna

i am ready to try this everything else i have tried never works dont really have the money so going to try this free offer please help i am 100 pounds over weight and have three kids all under the age of 6 so my hands are full and very buzy every day and night

18 Debbie C.

Hmmm. I’m still undecided if this works or not. I used my sample over the weekend hoping to get a feel for how this works and I love the idea but just can’t really tell if it is or not. Was it all in my head???
Thanks Debbie Chong

19 Steffanie Darlin

I so very much want to try this I have heard so many different things. Thanks su much for this offer!

20 Barbara Basset

A friend of mine has lost 60lbs in about seven months using Sensa. She swears it really works. She’s got 5 kids and said she’s able to fit it into her livestyle… easily. I figure if it can work for her, maybe I’ll give it a try.

21 Denise Martin

Believe me – Sensa does actually work! I’ve been using Sensa for more than 2 weeks and I have
already lost 6 pounds!!! Yahoo!!! I’m so encouraged – I bought a 6 month supply. And don’t worry –
Canadians can purchase Sensa at the GNC stores (General Nutrition Centre) soon. Hope this helps.

22 Jill Cathers

My sample of Sensa arrived last week but I did some research first before using it. I found out that it’s important to take one of those mulit vitamins along with fish oil (omega fatty acids?). You’re suppose to take these every day along with Sensa and they’ll help to show results. I don’t know if it was all in my head or what but I definitely didn’t have the appitite for eating like I did while taking this, though, the sample isn’t really long enough for me to notice a difference in weight. I’m seriously thinking about buying it.

Thanks!!!! πŸ™‚

23 Lynn Ignacia

I really wanted this to work πŸ™ It didn’t help me to lose weight at all. It did NOT suppress my appitite at all πŸ™

24 Shannon Yoolong

Didn’t really notice anything different after using this sample of Sensa. I do have a thyroid problem so maybe that’s why I’m not getting the same results as some of my friends who are taking it. Oh well πŸ™

25 Patty L.


26 Rachel

I live in Ontario Canada. I’ve seen all the buzz of SENSA
I willing to try it. To the people who have posted
a commet that also live in Canada,The Shopping
Channel (online or on tv) sells SENSA

27 Megan

Is there an age that is maybe too young to try sensa? I’m in high school and very insecure.

28 Alice Hynes

If you are a diabetic and have high blood pressure would it hurt to use Sensa.

29 Sonia

Can you use it will breastfeeding???

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