Sensa Free Sample

This is a strange one. This is a free sample of Sensa. Sensa is a powder that you sprinkle on your food to help curb your appetite, a weight loss aid. It’s claim is:

“…if we can alter your sense of smell we can make food less palatable, because the hedonic effect – that is, the pleasurable effect you get from eating chocolate– won’t be there…”

With this free sample, you get sent a small envelope of this powder that you then use to sprinkle on your food. I’m not sure of the size or how long it will last because I gave my sample to my sister. I’m really not interested in trying this out, unless of course, my sister loses lots of weight. She can be my guinea pig Picture of my icon wink

This free sample of Sensa is available to residents of the United States and Canada only. One per household.

Picture of my sensa free sample

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