Rihanna Reb’l Fleur EDP Perfume Free Sample

Right now they’re giving away a free sample of Rihanna Reb’l Fleur EDP perfume when you send in the request form. They’ll send it to you in the mail with this 0.4ml round sample on a card picturing Rihanna holding a flower. It took about 7 days to arrive after I made my request, so I’m guessing they’re sending them out really fast and you should probably get it just as quick if you live in the United States.

This is actually a very nice fragrance. I tried a little bit of it last night and it reminded me of a Chanel scent. It has a light sweet floral scent, but very unique, it’s hard to describe. I highly recommend trying it.

And just for curiosity sake, did you know that the reason Rihanna chose Reb’l Fleur? It’s because her grandmother in Barbados used to call her Rebel Flower. Cute.

This free sample of Rihanna Reb’l Fleur EDP perfume has a limit of only 1 per household. For a limited time only while quantities last. Requests available from the following countries; United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Japan, India, and Finland.

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1 Leah Shone Edwards

can they send big bottles of rihanna aswel? does anyone know?

thankyou leah

2 Ariana

It does not smell good at all!! Sorry, but I’m really disappointed. Thanks for posting anyways 😐

3 victoria anderson

got mine and i luv it. i wanted a free sample before i went out to buy this perfume because i love rihanna but how do i go about getting a full size one?

thank you 🙂

4 Kati

Can you send a request for someone else so it goes to their house?

5 Aoife

This smells soo good I love it

6 sheetal

my bottle was only half full, do you think they’d send anther bottle to me? i didn’t get enough to really get a feel for it.

7 hannah

I heard that this just came out. I’m the biggest fan of Rihanna. I tried looking in stores to buy this and it doesn’t seem to be available at most places yet.

8 Ryan

My girlfriend wanted to try this so bad, she was so happy when I gave her this. Now she says she owes me one 😉

9 sandra m.


I’m surprised at how good this actually smells. I have really low expectations for any kind of celebrity perfumes and fragrances especially anything from Rihanna. What a pleasant surprise. I might actually end up buying a large bottle. Thanks so much for posting this.

10 Judith

this is so cool. i didn’t even know Rihanna came out with a fragrance.

11 Juliette A.

Hi, my sample arrived damaged, do you know if they’d send out another one?

Many thanks
Juliette A.

12 brit

got mine in 2 weeks, i was so excited to try it and then i did and was disappointed. i really don’t like the way it smells, neither did my boyfriend.

glad i tried it first.

13 Laina

Is this available in Arizona? I’ve looked everywhere and I cannot find it for the life of me.

14 sweet stuff

thank you so much for posting this. i got my sample a few days ago and really like it. looking forward to getting the other stuff i requested.

15 Lilly Egan

i love all of the floral smaelling perfumes and i have started collecting them.

16 Jen B.

Who would have thought Rhianna could come out with such a great smelling fragrance. It’s so elegant but at the same time seductive too (exactly who Rhianna is). I’m even thinking about getting the full size for my bestfriend and sister for their birthday.


17 Kristy P.

I’m not a fan of Rihanna and most celebrity fragrances, I think they all normally stink or all smell the same. Surprisingly, Reb’L Fleur just blew me away!!! It smells so amazing. It’s feminine and very sublte and best of all it’s not strong. Thank you so much!

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