Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collectin Free Sample

I got another cologne free sample for you, it’s Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection. They’re giving away all 4 in this sample, no purchase required. Sending them your request will get you collection 1, 2, 3, 4 all on one card. This is a great way for your man to try out all of them and see how he (or you) like it. Not sure of the sizes, couldn’t find the vial quantity on mine, but I’d guess about 0.03 fl oz.

My husband use to wear Polo and I kind of liked it but then like all married men, he stopped wearing cologne. So I decided that getting this sample would be a nice way of getting him to start again. Surprisingly, he didn’t put up a fight and tried each one. Overall he didn’t really care for them but he didn’t mind the Big Pony No.2, it had an orange chocolate scent. He said they all smelled like a teenager’s cologne.

For myself, I’d have to agree with my husband on his opinion of the Big Pony Collection. They did have a very generic smell and there really wasn’t anything special about them. I didn’t mind too much the No.2. I guess I’m on a chocolate kick right now and really like the cocoa scented fragrances that are hitting the market right now. The worst of the four would have to be Big Pony No. 4. It is odd, not sure what it is exactly that smells odd, but I smell mandarin and leather. Not a great combination but maybe there’s someone out there that will like it. My overall review is that if you like Ralph Lauren colognes, definitely give this one a try (for curiosity sake of course).

This cologne free sample of Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection is available for a limited time only. Limit of one (1) per request. No purchase required. Available to anyone in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Picture of my Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection Free Sample

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