Pink Sugar Aquolina Perfume Free Sample

They’ll send you one free sample of Pink Sugar Aquolina perfume. It comes in the cutest little wrapper bag that looks like it’s a sugar packet, I love it. The perfume sample comes in a small .06 oz vile, a little bigger than the standard sample you’d get.

Even though I think the packaging is very cute and all, I really think the smell of this perfume is very sweet smelling. I’m not sure why exactly, but I think it smells likeĀ  a candy store. Not my cup of tea. So be warned when you get it in the mail, lol.

This free sample of Pink Sugar Aquolina perfume is open to every resident of the United States, Italy (of course), Canada, and France. Only one free sample per person/house. Good until the end of next month.

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