Philosophy Purity Made Simple Free Sample

This is a free sample of Philosophy Purity Made Simple. It comes in a 3 ml packet in the mail. I believe it’s a facial cleanser, but I’m not sure because my daughter took it from me before I could look at it or even use it. I’m still waiting to hear from her how good it is, but I’m guessing it is good since she took it from me so fast my head is still spinning, lol.

This free sample of Philosophy Purity Made Simple is only available in North America, Europe, and Australia. And the funny thing about this is that there is no limit to how many you can order. My neighbor ordered 8 and got all 8 in the mail at the same time. As I’m writing this, I ordered more so I can try it this time. I just have to make sure I hide it from my daughter.

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1 geniver smart

thank you

2 meg santos

Thank You

3 Carey Davidson

I really liked this, it’s a very no nonsense cleanser. It cleared up all my face and eye makeup and leaves my skin feeling soft smooth, without drying out my skin. Finally a decent cleanser! I’m on my way now to buy the full size 😉

Thank you,
Carey D.

4 Julia Cuber

To be honest, I was a little hesitant on trying this Purity Made Simple sample because no where on the package does it say that it’s oil-free. Normally anything that contains oil and is put on my face makes me break out. Well, bravely, I gave it a try and it really works- no oil! My face was really less oily and fresh feeling throughout the day that I used it. I know Philosophy products are normally expensive but I think this one will be worth it. Thanks.

5 audry l.


6 Jessy Arnold

I’ve been wanting to try this for a while, thanks.

7 Sara591


8 Kimmy A

I’ve never seen a facial cleanser that not only removes every ounce of makeup including mascara and prevents acne from forming!

9 ShellyBug

Thanks. Creamy cleanser doesn’t irritate my rosacea but helps calm it down. It smells great as well!

10 Nelly878

thank you thank you 🙂 🙂

11 Dimanta92

Wow! I love how this washes my makeup right off, even that stubborn liner and mascara. The smell isn’t the best… but it’s definitely a great product.

12 Jill T.


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