Paris Hilton Tease Perfume Free Sample

This is for a free sample of Paris Hilton Tease Perfume. You’ll get a tiny .01 oz sample container. Limit of one free sample per email address, so if you have more than one email address you can get more than one sample.

Personally, I think this perfume is a little strong so I just gave it to my daughter who didn’t really care for it either. Again, it really is nice to get free samples because it’s such a terrible waste to spend money on a product you don’t like.

This free sample of Paris Hilton Tease Perfume is available only in the United States and Canada as of right now. Perhaps they’ll change that as I’ve seen that happen a few times with perfume samples. And only one sample per email address.

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1 violeta

love the paris hiltons colection 🙂
thanks for the posting 🙂

2 samika swain

the best , <3 paris

3 lyssa

i love paris hiltons perfumes!



5 Andrea Lunds

I totally love this fragrance. Thanks so much, it’s now my favorite scent of all time.

6 Isabelle Bissonnette

Very Good perfume. Long lasting

7 Linda Maceson


8 abeer helo

thanx for the free sample

9 Chelsea Miran

Is it just me or does this sample of Paris Hilton Tease smell EXACTLY like Kim Kardashians’s perfume? I’m not a fan of either, I don’t think they smell horrible but not great. Just very ordinary and nothing special. The notes that I smell are peaches and apples and that’s pretty much it. Nothing special.

10 Dani

This is actually my favorite perfume

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