Paris Hilton Passport Collection 3 Pack Set Free Sample

Only for a limited time only, they’re giving away one 3 pack set free sample of Paris Hilton Passport Collection when you fill out their request form. This pack includes 3 bubble samples on cards. Each card contains 0.01 fl oz of perfume. You’ll get:


I can’t help but think that this is very similar to Gwen Stephani’s Harajuku perfume set. Sure the packaging is cute in all, but it really must be projected to the younger crowd. Too bad too, because it kind of smells nice in a little girl kind of way of course, lol. My daughter wore some to school, she said she could either take it or leave it. It wasn’t really anything special (perhaps she’s spoiled from all the samples I usually give her). But seriously, these are too cute to pass up since you don’t have to pay for them, right? I’d recommend ordering them just to try it out before you consider buying them at the store.

If you are interested in these 3 pack set free sample of Paris Hilton Passport Collection they are available for a limited time only. While quantities last. And one sample per household. Open to residents of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Australia, and India.

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1 Keala Fernandez

i got mine a few weeks ago, but i’m already almost out. i can’t find any stores that sell these perfumes as a set. is it just not out yet, or am i blind. i live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

2 Macaulay anu

I’m the biggest Paris fan and I absolutely love her perfumes. This one is maybe not her best one, but it’s still really kind of cute.

3 isabella

got mine in 3 weeks!!

this is too cute, i luv it. i think i just found my favorite perfumes 🙂 🙂

4 briana carrasco

i really love this!!!! so does my boyfriend 😉

5 melady

I’ve tried all the Paris Hilton fragrances and I’d have to say this is by far her best. I absolutely love it.

6 Tracy

i already got one for myself, but can i order another one for my friend? do they send out more than one. does anyone know?

7 felista roy

I really liked the Tokyo scent.

8 carolina mastio

i love the passport to tokyo scent

9 Norma garcia

Thank u!!i love pairis hilton

10 Janice Thrift

i luv anything that has to do with paris hilton, especially her perfume line.

11 Dianne B.

Thanks but the perfume is a little too strong for my taste.

12 sharlee

i luv paris hilton perfume anything to do with paris

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