Ovulation LH Test Strip Free Sample

Here’s another great little tool for those of you trying to get pregnant, it’s a free sample of Ovulation LH Test Strip. This sample comes in a sealed pink and white package that tears off to reveal inside a long thin test strip. The test strip itself measures 8.1cm x 0.3cm.

For those of you who are unsure as to what LH stands for, it stands for luteinizing hormone and in women, LH helps regulate the menstrual cycle and egg production (ovulation). The amount of LH in a woman’s body varies with the phase of the menstrual cycle, it rapidly increases just before ovulation happens (about midway through the cycle. This is called a Luteinizing hormone surge. Both LH and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) levels rise and fall together during the monthly menstrual cycle. This test can predict when there is a LH surge and therefore when you are most likely to ovulate.

Basically, what you need to know is for a positive result a) the color in band T needs to be the same as that in band C. Luteinizing hormone peak will appear and ovulating in 48 hours. b) the color in band T is deeper than that in band C. Luteinizing hormone peak appears and ovulating in 28 hours.

For negative results the color in band T is lighter than that in band C or only band C appears then no luteinizing hormone peak or peak has passed.

And if there is no color bands than that means that the test is invalid.

To use the Ovulation LH Test Strip all you need to do is remove the test strip from the package. Place the signal band (with the arrow facing downward into the urine (in a container) and do not go past the MAX line. After 3 seconds, remove strip and wait 5-10 minutes for results. Pretty easy huh? Just don’t get urine on your fingers, lol.

Like I said earlier, this free sample of Ovulation LH Test Strip is a great way to find out if it’s the right time for you to get pregnant. Just remember to wash your hands after 😉

Picture of my Ovulation LH Test Strip Free Sample

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