NARS Makeup Primer Free Sample

For a limited time, they’re giving away one free sample of NARS Makeup Primer. Just under the “Add to bag” you’ll see request to try sample first, put in the address you want it sent to and you’ll get it in the mail within 2 to 3 weeks time. It will come in a small white tube with a net wt. of 0.17 oz  or 5 ml of the primer inside.

NARS is another cosmetic line my daughter raves about and this sample she did take from me (without asking might I add). So I asked her how she liked it so I can make a little blurb about it. She told me “Of course Mom, it’s awesome”. So that’s it. She did mention a few things, one being that it is not greasy when it’s applied to “her” face, she noticed that her makeup did seem to last a longer, and finally her skin had a type of glow after a few applications.

Even though NARS products are usually a little on the pricey side this is one that my daughter highly recommends to anyone looking for a good primer and what better way to start than to try a free sample first.

This free sample of NARS Makeup Primer is limited to 1 per household. For a limited time only. Available to anyone in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Japan, and India.

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1 diandra

I got mine last week and I love it, but I can’t seem to find any store that sells it near me. Anyone know where you can buy it in Norfolk, Virginia?

2 Nikks T.

this is by far my most favorite primer. just absolutely love it.


3 Gina N.

Thank you. I’ve been looking for a good primer for a while now and I think I found it.

4 heather

Thanks You (:

5 Kimberly Terson

Thanks! I think this is the first non greasy primer I’ve ever tried.

6 Mandeep Nanda

Waited forever to finally get this sample. It’s strange that a primer is jelly like, it works fairly well to turn my face into a smooth surface to work on. Love the smell. Feels like it’s moisturizing a bit too. Wasn’t overly impressed with it, probably wouldn’t buy it.

7 angela b.

decent moisturizer…
not sure if it really qualifies as a primer though…
plumps my skin like most moisturizers would…
that’s it…
not impressed by it…

8 krista m.




10 Alyssa McKenzie

I’ve been wanting a change since I normally use L’Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfection Base but after trying this I think I’ll continue using my L’Oreal brand. Thanks anyways 🙂

11 kaylin flauler

well, i’m glad i had a chance to try out this sample as i was worried it might clog my pores or make me breakout. i’m happy to say it does NOT! it comes out almost like a lotion and smells just so nice. i really liked it. yhank you!

12 kaila

The nars primer is the best! It actually lasts all day. I use it every day and I’m proud!

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