Narciso Rodriguez For Her Parfum EDT Free Sample

They’re giving away one free sample of Narciso Rodriguez For Her Parfum EDT. When you send them your sample request, you’ll get sent a coupon through your email that you can redeem at any store selling Narciso Rodriguez fragrances. It comes in the cutest little box, which I think is to distract you from the fact that you’re only getting a 1 ml bottle. Oh well, I guess we can’t complain since it’s free right?

For those of you who are interested in this free sample of Narciso Rodriguez For Her Parfum EDT you’ll need to know that it is limited to only one per email. And you can only redeem it at a store that sells this particular fragrance. Available in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

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1 jennifer

I smelled narcisco fernandez on someone, and thought it was one of the best perfumes i had ever smelled. but perfume smells different on everyone, so i’m glad i got to try it before i spend all that money on it, then realized that this perfume wasnt for me! 🙂

2 Kristina Ramana

I love all the fragrances by Narciso Rodriguez, most of all this one. I was looking forward to trying it.

Kristina R.

3 Stacey P.

My friend uses this fragrance all the time, it’s her signature scent.

4 dallas

^^ I know some people don’t care for the smell, but I really like it, it’s different. I like things that stand out from the crowd.

Thank you,

5 Brenda David


6 christina g.

lovin’ it so far! thanx

7 Jessica B.

At first, when I sprayed Narciso Rodriguez For Her on my wrist I thought it was a little tart but through the dry down, it becomes much softer with a creamy floral scent. It’s very sophisticated and sensual but yet, at the same time still appropriate for the younger ladies. I’ll keep using it until my sample runs out and probably purchase a bottle in the future 🙂

8 Alison T.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her is so unique, and it doesn’t seem to be a perfume that very many people know about. After using this sample just once, I got 2 compliments at work and they wanted to know what it was that I was wearing. They never heard of it. I love that it’s not too strong and not too light and lasts for so long. This is a keeper 🙂 Thanks.



10 Candice I.

For anyone who hasn’t tried Narciso Rodriguez For Her you really need to. It’s amazing. When it’s first applied, it’s a little different but after it is on for a minute… Shear Elegance! You’ll love it!

11 Shannon Baylor

A gorgeous man suggested I try this fragrance, as it’s his favorite.

12 kristy m.

thank you

13 domingos furtado

i have a friend that loves narciso for her,that why i looking to give on her birthday,

14 Ayi

Was first introduced by a friend of mine,just the best out there!!!!

15 Darci

I don’t wear perfumes of any kind, but wanted to try this since hearing Kelly Rippa mention it on her show. She admitted that she rarely wears fragrances too, but for a special occasion she wore a tiny amount of Narciso, and she received numerous compliments. Thank you for allowing me to try Narciso before making an excessive purchase.

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