Kim Kardashian Perfume Free Sample

This one is for all you Kardashian fans out there. This is for one free sample of Kim Kardashian perfume. In the mail, it comes in the usual card board holder and inside you’ll get little spray vile. I believe it’s .05 oz , my sample vile doesn’t say it so I’m assuming that’s the size because that’s pretty standard. It took me a week and a half to get mine.

This is just my opinion, but I think this perfume has a trashy smell to it. I just don’t like it, you might, and that’s why I recommend you try it before you buy it. It’s crazy how some of these celebrities can have their hands in so many different businesses.

This free sample of Kim Kardashian perfume is only available in the United States and Australia. No purchase required. There giving these out only until the end of next month. One per household.

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1 Jennifer


2 Nicolette Adams


3 teagan

i hate buying celebrity fragrances, but Kim’s is actually very nice. glad i got this sample first, because you never know.

4 Elizabeth

Just in time for Christmas.

5 Krystal

havent tried this and i’ve been dying to know how this smells!!

6 marletta retherford

I never tried this brand of perfum, I would love to try it. Then i might buy it in the future. Because im a perfum girl.

7 Alexis West

I love the show so I really want the perfume

8 Judy

I always like to test a fragrance before I buy it, the sample testers are a great idea – especially for those like myself who are not able to get out and about to shopping malls to test fragrances. I watch the Kardashians on TV


My daughter loved the Kardashian perfume and she ran out of it about 4 months ago. She hasnt bought any since, and if she likes this one, i would love to get her a larger size of it for birthday!

10 angel

i was so looking forward to trying kim k’s new perfume, but im disappointed. it really isnt as good as i hoped

11 kinjal Acharya

I have gifted this one to my cousin and she loved it.

12 Noemi


13 kelly marshall

will make a great gift for my sister

14 Anna Bastrian

i don’t normally complain about getting something for free but this perfume is terrible! i know a perfume scent is really just a personal choice, but this is just way too floral. stupidly, i put some on my wrists and an hour later i had this major headache. sorry, but thanks anyways 🙁

15 Cathryn Abrajan

I smelled this perfume at sears and i love it!!! i would love to get a sample so my husband can smell it and if he likes it i can get it. I really dont need to smell good for myself, i love to smell good for my hubby so he doesnt go smelling other girls.



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