Kenzo Flower Perfume Free Sample

Limit of one (1) per person. They’re giving this exclusive free sample of Kenzo Flower Perfume to anyone who sends in their request. You’ll get a coupon sent to your email and you can print it up and take it to any authorized Kenzo fragrance retailer to receive your very own 0.3 fl oz spray vial.

With this perfume, you’re either going to love it or hate and for me, when I got my sample of Flower, I loved it. Normally, I tend to like floral scents anyways and this one adds my second and third favorite scents, which is vanilla and baby powder. With just a little spray, it gives me that warm soft feeling while being sophisticated and classy at the same time. Definitely wearable for those special occasions as well as everyday use. Very versatile.

It’s even husband approved too 😉 lol. My husband loves it on me as long as I don’t put too much on. I remember waiting in line once at the post office and this woman in front of me was wearing this exact perfume (I think) and she used so much of it that it almost made me nauseous. So keep that in mind if you do get this sample to use it sparingly. A little goes a long way.

You’ll only be able to redeem one (1) coupon to receive a free sample vial of Kenzo Flower Perfume. No purchase necessary. Offer available in the United States, Canada, and England only.

Picture of my Kenzo Flower Perfume Free Sample

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1 Vasilisa Orlova

I had this perfume a few years ago, and I used love it, it makes you feel sophisticated, but has playful notes in it, it’s classy and contemporary at the same time. Time to try it again:-)

2 amy t.

thank you

3 Bina Z.


4 hanna s

it was good. ty 🙂

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