Katy Perry OPI Collection Black Shatter Nail Polish Free Sample

I just caught word of this, they’re giving away a free sample bottle of Katy Perry OPI Collection Black Shatter nail polish, well, to be specific this is a top coat you use on top of a dry coating of nail polish. And this sample is a big deal, because, word has it that Black Shatter is flying off the shelves at any store that sells it. I know my daughter has been trying to buy this brand for a while now with no luck.

When you send them your request on the request form, they’ll send it to you in the mail and it says it takes 2 to 3 weeks to arrive. I’m still waiting for mine. I’ll update this post to tell you more if there is anything else you need to know.

Just to clarify, this is not the full bottle size it’s a  sample size. The bottle of Katy Perry Black Shatter I believe is 0.5 fl oz. I’m not exactly sure of what the sample size is as I still have not received it yet, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be about 0.1 fl oz bottle, that’s usually what nail polish samples come in.

This free sample of Katy Perry OPI Collection Black Shatter nail polish is limited to one per household. This is only available for a limited time only, not sure how long though, I’m guessing while quantities last. Available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and India.

UPDATE: it does come in a 0.1 fl oz. bottle and my daughter loves it. She won’t let me try it even though it was me who got it for her 🙁 Guess I’ll have to try and order another sample.

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1 Theresa Brady

Katy Perry Shatter top coat nail polish is amazing! I loved the way it looked on my nails. Thanks 🙂

2 Alesha McCoy

OMGosh… I love this polish!

3 Sami

this is soooo awesome, ive been looking for opi shatter nail polish everywhere

4 Danielle

i took 2 weeks to get it but it is so awesome, it’s better than what i thought 🙂 thank you so much for posting this

5 Stacey

looks awesome! all my friends wear it, now i can join them!

6 amanda

i love the way this looks, it’s my new fav polish.

7 Angelique Shand





8 Megan

This is simply

Thank you so much for letting us know about this 🙂 I’ve had the hardest time trying to find it, I almost ended up buying an over priced bottle on eBay.

9 christyllr ibanez

ive been looking forever. its sold out everywhere

10 sharhonda

are there other colors besides black? i was hoping they might have a red color that they’re giving away 😉

11 Nicki Kimberlin

this is by far the best polish of all time. i love the way it looks. i just wish there was more in this sample lol!

12 denna

I’m so happy 🙂 Every time I go to the store to buy this they never have it , I have been looking for atleast 2 weeks! Now I got it 🙂 🙂

13 hannah

i feel so dumb. as soon as i got mine, i used an under coat right away and didn’t wait long enough for it to dry and then I put this on top and it turned out bad. i feel like i wasted so much 🙁 it’s already hard to get. oh well live and learn right.

14 Aoife

This is SOOO COOL!! I saw it on T.V.

15 Yesenia

oooo i wonder if they come in any other color

16 Yazz

I ran out a few days ago now I need to find more. I can’t find it anywhere. I’ve been to all the stores hoping to buy it but they’re either all sold out or just don’t carry it.

Does anyone know where I can find some Shatter polish in or around the Utica, New York area ?????? please help me, i need this so bad and I can’t buy it online ’cause I’m not old enough.

17 Clairee

This Is Awesome Love It Has Much As I Love Her Music 🙂 x.

18 Quita

This is my first time trying it it is great oomg

19 Adrienne

I live in Portland, Maine and can’t find this anywhere. All my friends wanted to try my sample and it hardly left any for me, now I’m out 🙁 Anyone live in my area and can help???????

20 Briana Mystrias

OMG, my friend told me about this and I can’t wait to try it out. I’m so excited. Thank you thank you thank you.

21 Madi Charles

I heard there’s a red shatter opi. Does anyone know if it’s given out as a sample too?

22 Sara McDugal

Thank you a million times over. I’ve been trying to find this and it’s still difficult to find.

23 Laney

Thank u!
I Love It!

24 Amanda H.

Thank you!

25 Shia

I have been lookingfor this for ages! I’ve been to every store and they sold out like hot cakes! Thanks for posting this. I’m gonna send in my entry! 😀 <3 <3 🙂

26 Kasey Faiham

THANK U. This has been out for a while now and still I can’t find any at the store. All I can get was this sample. Why don’t they make more or something. I’m sure they’d sell it.

27 hanna sungwu

THANX. im just lovin this stuff. my only problem is that it doesn’t seem to stay on for very long. not sure if im doin something wrong or wat but it flakes off and then you can see my natural nail color underneath.

28 Angie Nanda

I finally got my sample last week and I’m totally in love with it. I put it over a metallic blue color with a top coat. So awesome. Thanks!!!!!!!

29 Mindy C.

i totally forgot I requested this sample of katy perry black shatter polish. it came a few days ago just in time for my family reunion. everyone noticed my nails and loved them. it made for a great conversation starter. the only problem with this sample is that it barely covers all your nails (unless I used too much).

30 Jan Nicholes

First of all— I LOVED my sample of Black Shatter! It’s pretty much all done since my friends kept wanting to try it 🙁
And second, the nail lacquer looks so cool when you apply it. The cracked (shattered) effect is really different. But you need to be careful u don’t put too much on.

Now I need to try the white shatter nail polish 😉

31 Shawna L.

I was so excited to finally try Black Shatter, I’ve looking everywhere. So glad I found this sample. The first time I tried this it was a little clumpier than what I was expecting so you could see some streaks. After that I had no problems, you just need to apply it a little different than normal nail polish. BTW, if you put it over a shiny pink it looks soooo cute.

32 Allie

OMG i love this nail polish make any nails look amazing

33 Tori Shaw

OOooh! not a huge KP fan, but this looks sweet!

34 Missy Jo

Finally tried Black Shatter. My friends have been using it for a while, I thought it would be cool if I tried a sample first. Disappointed. Comes out really thick and clumpy. Not smooth. It pretty much dries as soon as you put it on. And the cracks in the nail polish once it dries are too rough. Feels too weird.

35 banana c.

thanks 🙂 🙂

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