Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume Free Sample

This is for another perfume free sample from the very famous Juicy Couture line called Viva La Juicy. It takes 2 to 3 weeks to get to your door by mail and it comes in a .05 oz spray vile.

I have to say that Viva La Juicy is probably the best fragrance I’ve had the experience to try. In fact, my daughter ordered a sample a week before I did and I stole hers 😉 So now I have two. Shhhh.

This free sample of Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy perfume is limited to one sample per email address. Available in the United States and Canada only. While quantities last.

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1 Briana

i love the smell of this sample. got it in 2 weeks. lookin’ forward to more updates 😉

2 helen linder

i ordered one a entered my address and got it in 2 weeks. my boyfriend ordered a sample too but he put my address and it still hasn’t come yet and it’s been over 3 weeks now. should he have just filled out his address instead??

3 Crystal Jackson

Thank you I love juicy couture!!!!

4 Krystle Martin


I’ve been searching for a perfume i tried on a while ago and loved but never got the name of it, i’ve recently been informed that it is juicy couture, not sure what perfume it was out of the collection and if it is viva la juicy but will eventually find the one i loved.

5 this is a great smelling perfume

i love the smell of this perfume i love it

6 Nicolette Adams

I have been dying to try this new fragence. I heard that it is a very pleasent scent. Im sure I will fall in love with it..

7 samika swain

my favorite =] <3 juicy thanks

8 amanda-

I got my sample in 1 week. Is that normal? Wow. They’re fast with giving them out. Will they continue giving out samples when newer perfumes come out? Or do I need to continue to submit every time? Does anyone know????????????

9 Cindy

my friend got 10 samples in the mail all together, is that normal? i only could get 1 🙁

10 J Madera

I love this perfume, its one of the best!!

11 Cathy Omega

Heard this fragance was awesome!

12 Shelly Ligon

My daughter loves Juicy and I want her to try this!

13 briata

Thanks! Juicy Coutoure fits me! The color smell and look!

14 justina

i love most juicy couture perfume but i never tried this one, i did so much that i went and bought it

15 marletta retherford

I love to spray perfume on me, when I wake up in the morning for the day.

16 Valisa McTaw

It is sold out in near by Department Stores, it must be a lovely scent, I love vanilla accents.

17 Jissle Magbual

I really didn’t care for this one but I loved the 1st juicy couture perfumes.

18 sara

I love this perfume

19 Leanne

I love Viva, I’ve been wearing it for long time. It smells so goody.

20 Anna Ferree

Love this!

21 lisa

this is the best

22 meme

im a big fan of juicy coutoureeeeeeee!

23 jacklyn

I always wanted the viva la juicy perfume ever since my cousin bought it. I always wondered how it smelled because i have never smelled it before. I glad I got it because it smell even better.

24 laura

my best friend has this love it

25 Jessie

This is my fav perfume! Thanks.

26 aly

i luv it, its now my fav

27 Stacy Allgeyer

Best ever!

28 Richelle Barriault

I can not tell u how much I love juicy couture viva le juicy its amazing! 🙂

29 missi botel

I tried one of their perfumes not sure if it was this one or not 🙁

30 velvet regan

i love perfumes but i have to try different kind because i have sensitive skin.

31 Jenna Trange

Thank you. This has got to be my favorite perfume of all time. I’m always getting compliments on how good it smells.

32 Amy Carson

I really liked it but now I’m debating whether im gunna buy it or the Justin Beiber Someday perfume.

33 Jaclyn Franks

I tried it on the other day and loved it

34 adele flynn

i got a tester card with this on and i absolutely loved it!

35 Tiffany Hartman

I love this fragrance 🙂

36 bethany lewis

I love this fragrance

37 Anna Fladager

I have been trying to get out of a rut. Ive been buying romance for ten years. I’ve sampled lots of perfume but I just hadn’t found the one in I was looking for. I came across juicy courier viva la juicy….and fell in love with it. Now I tell everyone about it and buy it for all of my friends. There’s nothing like it.

38 pat

woow! great fragrance! i love it ! thanks !

39 megan simpson

Apparently mine came in and someone jacked it.. I found the empty package in my yard!!! was really looking forward to it..

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