Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal EDT Free Sample

If you enjoyed the original Juicy that came out a while ago but want something a little lighter and more fruity? Well, look no further because now you can give it a try with this free sample of Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal EDT. Your sample will come in this attractive black and purple Juicy Couture cover and the sample itself comes in the usual 0.05 oz or 1.5ml spray. Limit of one (1) per person.

Hollywood Royal is quickly becoming one of the best of the latest JC fragrances that have come out. And like I said earlier, it is very much like the original Juicy but with a lighter and fruitier scent. And I don’t know about you, but these days, I much more prefer the lighter fragrances and with this one also being an EDT it’s even nicer. Not too strong, but sutle enough to get your attention. If for some reason you want a little more… attention 😉 then you can just spray more.

If you do happen to like this sample after trying it, the good news is that it’s not expensive (for a Juicy Couture fragrance). You might be able to pick up a 5 oz EDT bottle for around $60. Which is actually pretty good.

So, if you’ve enjoyed previous versions of Juicy I’m sure many of you won’t be disappointed with this one. Why not try and get your free sample of Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal EDT and see if you like it.

Picture of my Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal EDT

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