Jennifer Lopez JLO Love & Glamour EDP Free Sample

They’re giving away one EDP free sample of Jennifer Lopez JLO Love & Glamour. When you send in your request on the request sample page, they’ll send you a 0.04fl oz spray bottle wrapped in a protective cardboard case.

Actually, I was a little disappointed with the way they send out the Love & Glamour sample because there was no plastic wrap or anything around it to keep it intact or even stop someone from opening the bottle. Anyone could have opened the perfume bottle and put anything in it, so being the paranoid person that I am, I didn’t even use it on myself. I did however smell it and it does have a very nice scent to it. In fact, I tried to order another sample since perhaps it was wrapped in a plastic bag or some other kind of protection and it was opened during transport? I’m still waiting, I’ll keep you posted.

For anyone interested in getting a EDP free sample of Jennifer Lopez JLO Love & Glamor, there’s a limit of one per household. No purchase necessary. While quantities last. Available in the United States, Canada, Germany, England, and Australia.

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1 briana carrasco

she is so amazing and her perfume is too!!

2 Nancy

Hi, i love this sample of love and glamour but the bottle i got was broken 🙁 not bad enough to empty the entire thing but some of it was missing.

3 caz

I don’t know if it’s suppose to be this way, but when I got mine, it was about 3/4 full? Did I get jipped? Or is that how they come? Not being picky, I’m still grateful to have gotten this.

4 Rachel Howser

I love her perfume! It’s my fav!

5 Catherine

the perfume smells AWSOME.

6 Amanda Nanda

My sister’s friend uses this all the time and I just love the way it smells. It’s about time I tried some on myself.

7 Nana

love it, so glamourous!

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