Herbalife Back Pack with Water Bottle Free Sample

Here, you can get this free sample Herbalife Back Pack with Water Bottle with no purchase necessary. I have a few friends who are involved with Herbalife and they told me about this special (knowing how I am about free samples, lol). So when I sent in my request I got it in 3 weeks in the mail.

Normally when you get this free sample you need to make a purchase, but not here. I now have a back pack to put all my free samples in 🙂 The bag is actually made of fairly good material, so don’t worry about it being some kind of cheap bag. And as for the water bottle, it’s your typical water bottle with a pull out spout to drink from, nothing special.

This free sample of Herbalife Back Pack with Water Bottle is available only to residents of the United States and Canada. Limited one per household.

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1 tonya hagar

I love herbalife

2 Sally Mae

i like the water bottle, but the backpack is so cheap it fell apart after a week 🙁 maybe you ain’t suppose to carry books in it?????

3 cathy h.

thank you!!

4 amanda jinges

thanks… i just got my bottle & bag the other day… offer is still open if anyone is wondering

5 Candice Jones

Ya, it’s a nice sample but the bag is definitely really cheap.

6 Brenda H.

I’m giving my back pack and water bottle to my sister, she uses Herbalife products all the time and will love having this.

7 linda zellner


8 amanda williams


9 anna brown


10 kimmy l.

definitely not the best quality. a little on the cheap side but otherwise nice to get a freebie. ty 🙂

11 amanda nurse


12 Christy W.

The backpack is cute, it matches my gym bag. It’s not the best quality and I don’t know how long it will last for but it’s good enough. And the water bottle is nice but I won’t be using it as I hate plastic water bottles, I prefer the metal bottles. I find plastic bottles leave a bad taste in the water.

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