Frederic Malle Dominique Ropion Carnal Flower Perfume Free Sample

Here, they’re giving away a free sample of Frederic Malle Dominique Ropion Carnal Flower Perfume. You can get this by sending in your request in the sample section. Once the request is accepted, they’ll send it out to you in the mail. You’ll get a small 0.05 fl oz EDP vile covered in a bright orange cardboard protector.

For those of you who don’t know who Dominique Ropion is, he’s a world famous perfumer, and it shows in this fragrance. It smells absolutely amazing. At first I thought it would be too strong, maybe too strong for the office but after a few compliments I felt that it was quite pleasant for almost everyone except for one, my cat. Freckles did not like it at all, but then again he doesn’t even like to groom himself. I highly recommend this fragrance to anyone, Carnal Flower is very different, but wearing it will give you a distinct uniqueness that you and those around you will enjoy.

This free sample of Frederic Malle Dominique Ropion Carnal Flower Perfume does not require any purchase to be made, simply a request. This is only available to residents of the United States, Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, and Australia. One per household.

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1 Maureen Randolfi

I absolutely adore this scent. Thank you so much for posting this. Now I just need to figure out how to get another sample of this 😉

2 Cheryl Jenkins

a very different smell, very unique!!

3 Ardell Canes

Thanks so much. I really enjoyed this, not sure if I’d be able to afford the full size bottle but glad I had a chance to try it 🙂

Thank you,

4 hilda ming

this is now my absolute favoritest perfume of all time. i just love it!!

are there more samples of this available? or is it really just one per house. i gotta know!

5 Veronica Norman

I love Carnal Flower. Thanx

6 Dianna Craigs

Carnal Flower is absolutely my most favorite perfume. It even drives my husband nutz 😉
Thanks you.

7 ramakanth

this is my favorite perfume. i like it

8 kyla f.

hmmm. this was a little too strong for me. i think it’s for older ladies. ill wait a few years to wear it hehehe.

9 Cressida

I’m looking for a beautiful tuberose scent for the warmer weather. Tossing up between Carnal Flower and Vamp a NY (Honore des Pres). This one I think is more potent and has a distinct classiness the other lacks, but Vamp a NY is fun and more sultry. I adore, need, and crave them both. I have to say Carnal Flower is a stunning scent. It’s striking presence could be overly powerful if over-applied, yet it could never be sickly or headache-inducing. A natural, perfectly balanced composition, I regard it as the best tuberose perfume I’ve encountered. Would so love a sample thank you so very much.



11 Adriana Castro

I love it!

12 charletta tucker

I have heard rave reviews about this fragrance and in my search for a new fragrance, I am considering this one.

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