Folle de Joie EDP Free Sample

If you’ve wanted to check out this highly reviewed fragrance but didn’t want to pay the big bucks just yet, now is your chance with this free sample of Folle de Joie EDP. This cute little sample comes in a special box and inside you’ll find the mini spray vial. The vial contains about 2ml or 0.06 oz of edp to try out.

Yes, this fragrance has received rave reviews everywhere and almost every beauty expert is recommending it. And to be honest I’m not really sure why. I was looking forward to trying out my sample when I heard it was available. I’ll admit, my expectations were high, I expected to be blown away and perhaps that was my first mistake. My second mistake is that I expected to enjoy this fragrance even though it’s mainly floral and as many of you already know, I do not like floral scented fragrances.

I tried Folle de Joie a few times and perhaps used a little too much the first time. It wasn’t too overwhelming but I definitely knew it was there. I really reminded me of my friends grandma, I don’t know why. So ever since I had that in my head I just kept on imagining myself smelling like an old woman.

So overall, I enjoyed Folle de Joie but wasn’t blown away and I can pick a dozen fragrances off the top of my head that are better. Perhaps if you enjoy a floral woody musk fragrance than this might be for you. I always recommend trying out samples whenever you can just to see how you like it and how your body chemistry reacts to it. This free sample of Folle de Joie EDP is only available for a limited time. United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, France, Germany, Sweden, and Norway.

Folle de Joie EDP Free Sample

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