Eva Longoria Perfume Free Sample

There giving away one free sample spray vile of Eva Longoria perfume. When you register on their forum, they’ll send you this cute little purse size vile. It does take a little while for them to send it to you, I think mine took 4 or 5 weeks to arrive, and when it does it will come in a 0.05 fl oz spray vile inside a card with Eva’s pretty face.

It’s quite a nice smelling fragrance, I do actually like it. It has a fruity citrus smell to it that is really not overwhelming, I really am not a fan of strong fruity smells, but this one is perfectly scented. I do recommend you give it a try, if you like a strong scented fragrance, perhaps this one is not for you. But it never hurts to try right? That’s what free samples are for.

This free sample of Eva Longoria perfume has a limit of one per person. Available to residents anywhere in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, and India. Expires at the end of next month. Enjoy 🙂

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1 Lacey

i’ve never smelled eva’s perfumes before. so this was a real pleasure. thanx you 🙂

2 Sam

I’m so happy 🙂

I got mine last week and I’ve been getting compliments all the time at work on how wonderful it smells. Thank you so much for posting this.


3 Martina

I am a huge fan of Eva Longeria and Desperate Housewives too ! I can’t wait to smell this perfume

4 Katie Deen

Thank you. Not crazy about the berry notes to this fragrance otherwise it was nice. Very similar to the Burberry Summer, perhaps not quite as good.

5 Jessica W.

My sample arrived a few days ago and honestly, I’m not sure why all the hype. It’s a very common scent. Basically a fruity, floral with a berry note. It’s nothing strong or overwhelming, just nothing new. Sorry Eva, I really wanted to like this 🙁

Jessica Watts

6 Gen T.

I don’t normally comment on something if I got it for free but I think with this I do. I agree with Jessica that this is really nothing special, no actually it’s worse…. it’s terrible… cheap… awful.

7 Christy Crumb

Thanks 🙂

Not an original scent and not horrible smelling. I think it smells rather nice. Won’t go out and buy a bottle but won’t be throwing my sample away either.

8 Karen S.

Thank you so much. I’ve wanted to try Eva Longoria’s perfume for a while and haven’t been able to find it anywhere for some reason. I heard that she created this fragrance because she has allergies and has trouble wearing any strong scented fragrances. I’m similar as I don’t like strong perfumes so I thought this would be perfect. Unfortunately, I do not like the scent. I guess I’m just picky. I’ll keep looking.

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