Ed Hardy Born Wild Perfume Free Sample

Here’s a cute little free sample of Ed Hardy Born Wild perfume. It comes in a small .05 oz vile with a little spray pump. It has a very nice tropical smell to it and I believe it is a release from Christian Audigier and developed by perfumer Calice Becker of Givaudan.

With this free sample, I only ordered the one so I’m not sure if it has the unlimited quantity like some of the other Ed Hardy perfume samples. So if someone does happen to get more than one sample than please comment back or send me an email so than I can revise my post.

This free sample of Ed Hardy Born Wild perfume is available to residence in North America, Australia, and Europe.

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1 gin gin

this is a nice free sample. i got it in the mail and it was very well packaged.

gin gin

2 linda

i tried getting more than one but only one was available 🙁 oh well, i guess beggers can’t be choosy right?

3 oliviaNEWTON89

this one you can only get one sample per house

i tried……….too


thanks, i luv samples because they’re so small and i have a small purse so it fits perfectly. if i really like the perfume, i’ll buy a bigger bottle and just fill the sample vile and use that one and put it in my purse.

5 tttttttttrrrrrrrrreeeeeexxxx

limited to 1 sample here but for those of you that don’t know, the ED HARDY LOVE KILLS SLOWLY PERFUME does NOT have a limit to how many you can order.

6 Fallina

Ed Hardy perfume sucks, it smells cheap!! thanks anyways

7 T Semak

I couldn’t wait to get the sample in the mail so I bought it at the store. The next day I got the sample 🙁 oh well. Now I got more, lol.

8 Laurie Donley

have been trying to get a sample of Ed Hardy love kills born wild & viva la juicy but i keep getting an error from that site. can someone help.

9 help?

i tried to get more than one but i only got the one. what am i doing wrong? my sister wants to try one as well.

10 Janice B.


11 Allison C.

I love it! I got my sample a few days ago and already I’m in love with it. It’s really light and fruity and lasts almost all day! It has a little bit of a peach tone which I really like.

Allison C.

12 heather brown

O i love this it smells sooooooo good

13 B. Coutu

I am so in love with Ed Hardy Born Wild. I’ve been looking so long for a perfume that works well with my skin chemistry. So glad I got this sample, I’m just crazy about it. I’ve tried other Ed Hardy perfumes and this is absolutely my favorite.

14 kaylynne

Absoultly love this stuff

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