doTERRA Deep Blue Rub Free Sample

Hey! Do you suffer from aching muscles or joints? If so, this might be just the answer you’re looking for with this free sample of doTERRA Deep Blue Rub. For a limited time you can receive this 2ml or 0.068 fl oz squeeze packet of muscle soothing joy. There’s enough product in one single pack to use a few times depending on the area. If it’s for the whole back than maybe there would be just enough, but if it’s for elbows or knees you can get away with using this at least a few times.

At my home, we’ve been using Biofreeze for years. Whenever I’d go see my chiropractor, he would use this on me and it always worked well. I was told that it was the best so I never tried anything else for a long time until I got doTERRA. The texture is much different than Biofreeze, it feels more moisturizing and that’s because it’s a lotion as opposed to a gel. It has the same sensation of hot and deep cooling and gets right down to the muscle giving you the relief you desperately need.

Something that I really like about doTERRA Deep Blue Rub is that it has a nice smell. It smells of winter fresh gum! It wasn’t too overpowering just very light, barely even noticed it. Perhaps over time one might get sick of it, I don’t know.

If you’re wondering about the ingredients well, most of them are natural and seem fairly safe. There’s a lot of natural oils listed which I really like and if read the ingredients you’ll notice that at the bottom you’ll find synthetic compounds. But usually ingredients at the bottom of the list are the smallest amount (biggest first to smallest last) so hopefully they’re not harmful.

If you decide you really like this product after trying out the free sample of doTERRA Deep Blue Rub you can get the full size tube. The full size comes in a 4 oz tube with a hefty price tag of over $32 depending on where you buy it from. Sure it’s expensive compared to other products of this kind but if it works for you isn’t it worth it? Try it and see for yourself.

Picture of my doTERRA Deep Blue Rub Free Sample

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